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How To Get A Million Views On YouTube Hack

Last Updated : May 26, 2021

How To Get A Million Views On YouTube Hack

In this article we will show how to get a million views on YouTube hack, are you a YouTuber or Is your channel not growing fast or Do you want millions of views on your YouTube video or Are you a small YouTuber who is struggling so hard to get more views but getting it.

Do you want to get a million views on YouTube?

Is your dream of having a video with millions of views? So, let me tell you one thing your dream is going to get complete.

What you have to do is follow the whole article and all the steps without skipping anything.

Step By Step Guide On How To Get A Million Views On YouTube Hack :-

See the thing is there are lots of articles and videos that can help you to get YouTube views, however, those videos and articles are pretty hard to implement and you will not be sure that you will be getting views or not.

like create great lighting or improve your audio or edit your videos better sure those methods work however they're hard to implement.

In this article, we are going to tell you the easy way to get views here's what's we are going to share a bunch of tips that you can use to get more views in two minutes.

Step 1

Check out the comments you will get on that video you want to increase views (obviously in every video) and you have to watch the whole way through for audience retention audience.

The retention you see there's something that you can do that can improve the likelihood that YouTube suggests your videos to thousands of YouTube viewers it's getting viewers to the end of the video you published and this is how you can get more views in just two minutes.

This is the first method by which you can gain views on your YouTube video, no matters you are having a channel with tons of subscribers or zero subscribers. Follow this tip and you will get lots of views.

Step 2

You can get 3 views per minute, if I talk about simple maths then we take 3 views per minute, we multiply it by 60 we get 180 views per hour when we multiply that by 24 because there are 24 hours in a day, we get 4320 daily views.

Then when we multiply that by 30 which is an approximate average for every month and how many days are in a month, we get 129 thousand six hundred views so the overall monthly goal to get three views per minute is to reach one hundred twenty-nine thousand six hundred or 130 thousand.

To get three views per minute, we need to see what video searches are getting searched at least 130 thousand times per month.

There is a website here that allows you to search different video names or different video tags and you get to see how many times they get searched per month.

Now the overall goal is to figure out what tags and what video names or video ideas you can use that get monthly search volumes of over 130,000 now you guys can take multiple tags and add them up .

All they need to do is equal a number higher than 130 thousand and that means people are going to be searching for those terms around 130,000 times per month meaning that they're going to be able to see your video approximately 130,000 times per month which equals three views per minute

The website link is -

Conclusion :-

These are two simple tricks that you can follow to get lots of views on your YouTube video. What you need to do is follow the whole article without skipping any step.

Guys, you can get a lot of views from a hack but gaining views by hard work pays you a lot. I hope this article on how to get a million views on YouTube hack helps you.