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How to find people's location on WhatsApp

🕐 1 Jan 23

How to find people

In this article we will show you how to find people's location on WhatsApp, as we all know WhatsApp is one of the most popular free mobile messaging app, which allows its users to send and receive messages, medial file and important document privately, and you can make voice and video calls in this app.

Apart from that you can see various features in this app one of the very interesting and important feature we will discuss in this article that is “how can you easily find someone location on WhatsApp?”. WhatsApp serves over 2.5 million people across many countries because of its fabulous features. As with any other online messaging platform, one constant concern for users is privacy.

Users who are new to WhatsApp might be happy to learn the app has a very advanced security feature, as it provides end-to-end encryption this means that only sender and receiver can have access to messages.

But if we talk about the WhatsApp location feature so it is very easy to locate people via WhatsApp, there are many way to do it but we will tell you the simplest and transparent way to find/track people on WhatsApp with the help of default WhatsApp “share location feature” their location is another issue in this app.

Step by step guide on how to track people location on WhatsApp

If you really want to find someone’s location on WhatsApp so “share location” feature of WhatsApp is the one of the simplest and easiest way to do it, even this method enables you to share your location in both one-on one messaging and group chat. Many people use this feature for meeting and all. So let’s begin the step-by-step process which is given below:

  • First, you have to open the WhatsApp application on your android smart phone.
  • Then, start a chat with the person or group you are hoping to find or track.
  • Then, click on the attachment icon which is located at the bottom right corner of the text filed.
  • Then, you will see many options, but just tap on the location option, and allow WhatsApp to access your current phone location.

    How to find people location on WhatsApp

    How to find people location on WhatsApp

  • Then, you will see the map. Just tap on the “share live location” button.

    How to find people location on WhatsApp

  • Even you can also select the period which you did like to share your position. 1hour, 2hours, etc, options are available.

    How to find people location on WhatsApp

Conclusion :-

This same method will work to other person or persons have to agree to share their location with you, if they do, their name will appear on the same map. You can also stop sharing your location by clicking the “stop location” button in the chat. So by using this method you can find/track people location on WhatsApp and hope this article on how to find people's location on WhatsApp helps you.