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How To Find Broadcast List In WhatsApp

Last Updated : Nov 2, 2020

How To Find Broadcast List In WhatsApp

WhatsApp has two features that allow you to simultaneously send messages to more than one person: groups and broadcasting. For the same group of persons, both can be used. For example, with the same individuals, you can have a family group as well as a broadcast list. In this article we will show you how to find broadcast list in WhatsApp

Notice that a community admin gets more powers and features compared to one of a broadcast lists whether you are part of or produced one.

Broadcast lists are like a one-way street where messages can be sent only by the administrator, and recipients cannot communicate or verify information with each other. Often, other recipients will never know when you add more individuals to your broadcast list.

Groups are, in a sense, like the CC (Carbon Copy) and broadcast lists in emails are like the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy).

Interestingly, a function that allows you to limit groups where only the admin can send messages was recently launched by WhatsApp. The restricted groups are very close to broadcast lists because of this feature.

Create Broadcast List

  • Tap the Chats tab at the bottom of your iPhone and hit the Broadcast Lists choice in the upper-left corner
  • Then, at the bottom, tap the New List. Lastly, pick your contacts and tap Build

Name Shift

WhatsApp does not set a name for a freshly generated list by default. Instead, the number of recipients is shown as the name of the list (check the screenshot below in Step 1). Similar to classes, however, you can change the name of a list.

  • Open the broadcast list on your computer and, in the case of Android devices, tap the three-dot menu. Tap the I button on the iPhone.
  • On your iPhone, type a name with List Name greyed out in the text box, and press the Finished button.

Can You Unsend A Message Broadcast?

A few months ago, the much-awaited unsend feature was introduced by WhatsApp that allows you to remove messages from your phone as well as your receiver. Unfortunately, though this feature works in groups, in a broadcast list you can't unsend a post. So be vigilant.

Conclusion :-

Keep in contact, like your family or co-workers, with the groups of people that matter most. You can exchange notes, images, and videos with up to 256 individuals at once via group chats. You may also call your party, mute alerts, or customise them, and more. I hope this article on how to find broadcast list in WhatsApp helps you