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How To Enable Popups On Google Chrome

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Enable Popups On Google Chrome

In this article we will show you how to enable popups on google chrome, let us first understand what are pop ups. Pop-ups are those unwanted tabs that appear when you browsing something on Google. Pop-ups are mainly used to show you ads.

They are used by companies for advertisements. Sometimes the pop-ups can be really malicious so you must be careful while browsing a website containing pop-ups.

Pop-ups can be of three types: the ones that appear when you click something on the web page, the ones that appear when you are simply scrolling or working and then comes the most annoying one, those that appear out of nowhere.

Pop-ups can be extremely annoying, you can deal with pop-ups by instantly closing the pop-up window that appears, this way you will not fall for any fake and malicious link. Every time a pop-up appears close it from the “X” on the corner of the screen.

Pop-ups are blocked by default in Google chrome to prevent you from opening unwanted and malicious websites, you may have noticed a notification on Chrome displaying “Pop-ups blocked” while working on a web sites which use pop-ups.

But the thing is that not all pop-ups are spam or ads, sometimes websites use pop-ups to show you genuine content. You may have noticed some websites ask you to disable Pop-ups when you try to download something from there.

Some websites use pop-ups to redirect you to a given link. So let’s how you can enable pop-ups on Google Chrome.

Step By Step Guide On How To Enable Popups On Google Chrome :-

  1. Boot your computer and open Google chrome by searching for it in the search bar.
  2. Once you have opened chrome tap on the three vertical dots on the corner of the screen, it will open a menu.

    How To Enable Popups On Google Chrome

  3. Now on the menu you fill find settings on the bottom, tap on it. And then select Privacy and security from the left side of the page. On the privacy and safety page scroll to find Site settings and tap

    How To Enable Popups On Google Chrome

  4. Scroll down in the site settings to find Pop-ups and redirects and tap. On opening the pop-ups and redirects page you will find that the pop-ups are blocked by default, you can turn it on by clicking on ”Sites can send pop-ups and redirects”.
  5. Once you will turn it on you will be able to get all kinds of pop-ups. If you want to enable pop-ups from only a certain website then you can enter their URL in the ”Allowed to send pop-ups and use redirects” in the same you can block certain websites to show pop-ups and allow the rest.

    How To Enable Popups On Google Chrome

Conclusion :-

We have explained how to enable pop-ups in Google chrome in the very easy steps. Although we advise you to filter the pop ups and enable it only from your desired websites as pop-ups can be really harmful at times. I hope this article on how to enable popups on google chrome helps you.