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How To Do VLOOKUP In Excel With Two Spreadsheets

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Do VLOOKUP In Excel With Two Spreadsheets

In this article we will show you how to do VLOOKUP in excel with two spreadsheets, MS Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows you to store data in tables. Data analysis on an Excel spreadsheet is straightforward.

It enables us to change data in cells. The intersection of a row and a column creates a cell.

A row in Excel is a horizontal grouping of cells. Columns, on the other hand, are vertical groupings of cells.

A worksheet is a page of cells with a single entry. Worksheets are labelled with tabs by default. Worksheets contain data that is linked.

The VLOOKUP function in Microsoft Excel is typically used to look up a value in the table's leftmost column and then return a value in the same row from a specified column.

This article will show you how to use the VLOOKUP function between two sheets in Excel to extract data from another worksheet, complete with examples.

Step By Step Guide On How To Do VLOOKUP In Excel With Two Spreadsheets :-

  1. Use the VLOOKUP function to find information in a huge data spreadsheet or to search for the same type of information throughout the spreadsheet.
  2. Consider the following VLOOKUP example:
  3. The following is the generic formula for VLOOKUP from another sheet:
  4. VLOOKUP (lookup value, Sheet! Range, col index number, [range lookup])
  5. Let us consider an example of some data managed by a tech company. The data consists of gadget information, RAM, and its price.
  6. In sheet 2, we need to find out the VLOOKUP range of the products price, consider the following example:
  7. Let's VLOOKUP these spreadsheets and finish the instructions below.
  8. Navigate to the ‘fx’ select VLOOKUP function from the drop-down menu bar.
  9. Select the VLOOKUP function, and add the Lookup Value in the table. Select the A2 cell, in sheet 2.
  10. In this step we will add the Table array, Navigate to sheet 2 select the sheet from A to C as given below:
  11. Now enter 3 as the Col-index-number (based on how many columns are there in sheet 1) and add the Range Lookup value as 0 (which means False).
  12. By adding all these to the drop-down menu, we will get the desired VLOOKUP value.
  13. When you click the OK tab, the pricing of each product will show in the price column on sheet 2. Select all of the products for which a price is necessary; the values for each product will be calculated in the second sheet.
  14. In this manner, the VLOOKUP function makes it simple to aggregate data from numerous spreadsheets or workbooks.

Conclusion :-

VLOOKUP is undoubtedly Excel's most well-known function, for both good and bad reasons. On the plus side, VLOOKUP is simple to use and performs a valuable function.

It's quite satisfying for new users, in especially, to watch VLOOKUP scan a table, discover a match, and deliver the proper result. Successfully using VLOOKUP is a rite of passage from novice to skilled Excel user.

VLOOKUP, on the other hand, is limited and has harmful defaults. VLOOKUP, unlike INDEX and MATCH (or XLOOKUP), requires a full table with lookup values in the first column.

This makes using VLOOKUP with numerous criteria difficult. Furthermore, the default matching behavior of VLOOKUP makes it easy to obtain inaccurate results.

I hope this article on how to do VLOOKUP in excel with two spreadsheets helps you.