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How To Delete Order History In Zomato

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Delete Order History In Zomato

In this article we will show you the solution of how to delete order history in Zomato, Zomato is a restaurant directory and service for food delivery that is revolutionising the industry.

It is a platform where customers may go to find out more information about the restaurants and food delivery options close to them.

Locating partner restaurants and their menus is made easier for people by this rapidly growing service.

You can order meals from your preferred restaurants using the Indian food delivery service Zomato.

The Zomato app is used by users to place online meal orders and handle UPI payments.

Some consumers desire to clear their order history because they don't want a record of their past purchases to be kept.

The simplest method to remove a Zomato order history will be demonstrated in this article.

Step By Step Guide On How To Delete Order History In Zomato :-

Method 1 - Send email to

Open your email application, then select "Compose." Then Fill up the "To" and "Subject" sections with "want to delete my order history" as the subject and as the email address. Send a message now by typing it.

  1. You can use your computer or smartphone to send them mail. When your email window is open, click "Compose." The compose option is located at the bottom of the screen on mobile devices as opposed to the upper left corner of your PC.
  2. Enter the information provided here after selecting "Compose." Send an email to with the subject line "request to delete order history"
  3. And send it to
  4. Use your account information and write your message and send it.
  5. You can copy paste the below given format.


Request to remove my order history, subject

To the Zomato team:

I'm connected to the contact number [your contact details] through a Zomato account with the name [your Zomato account name]. My application need not show my order history.

As a result, I ask that you delete the Zomato order history. Contact me at the indicated number if you require any additional information.

Phone - [Your Phone Number]

Message ID: [your message ID]

Thank you and kind regards

(Your Name)

Method 2 - Contact to Zomato customer service

  1. You can find Zomato’s customer service phone number online. Call the number from your mobile phone and follow the directions to speak with a customer service representative.
  2. In a short while, you will get in contact with a Zomato team member. All you have to do is state your request.
  3. After understanding your issue, the executive will give you information related to the subject and, if at all feasible, assist you in resolving it.

Conclusion :-

In this article we provided you the complete information on how to delete order history in Zomato in two methods follow these methods to clear your order history.

We can all agree that food always comes first since without delicious meals, our life would be worthless.

Of course, no one can argue against the necessity of eating in life.

There are a plenty of apps available for ordering food, but Zomato is the best because it allows you to look for the best restaurants for delivery or takeout.

Moreover, many people use Zomato, making it the best of the bunch.

I hope this article on how to delete order history in Zomato helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.