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How To Delete A Tweet You Retweeted

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Delete A Tweet You Retweeted

In this article we will show you how to delete a tweet you retweeted, twitter is a very popular social media platform all over the world, it’s more of a microblogging platform, You can write your thoughts and views as a short blog, you can also like, share and retweet other’s views and posts.

Retweet is nothing but re-sharing of tweets by other users, it’s a great way to share ideas which influenced you in some way.

But sometimes in our overexcitement we share something that we regret later. Sometimes the post you retweeted turns out to be fake news, and you don’t want your followers to know that you fell for it.

Lucky for you twitter gives an option to delete the retweet, but you won’t be able to delete it as you delete your tweets, so let’s see how to delete a tweet you retweeted.

Please note that the retweeted tweet will only be deleted for yourself, the owner of the tweet will still have it in their along with every other user who have retweeted the tweet.

Step By Step Guide On How To Delete A Tweet You Retweeted :-

  1. Unlock your phone and open the app tray. Now click on the "Twitter" icon which is of course a blue tweeting bird. The process is same in every device so it does not matter if you have IOS or android.
  2. Now on the top left corner of the home feed you will see your profile picture in a small circle, tap on it and find profile. Tap this button and you’ll be taken to your profile.

    How To Delete A Tweet You Retweeted

  3. Now scroll down in your profile and find the retweet you want to delete. All your tweets and retweets will be on your profile in a periodical manner, you need to find the retweet you want to delete. Retweets will have “You retweeted” note on top of them and on bottom there will be two green arrows arranged in a cyclic manner.

    How To Delete A Tweet You Retweeted

  4. Click on the retweet icon (green arrows) and two option will appear in front of you, one to Undo retweet and other to retweet with comment, you have to tap on Undo retweet to delete the tweet you retweeted. Once you will tap on it the retweet will get deleted from your profile and will not be visible to your followers.

Conclusion :-

You can follow these basic steps to delete the retweet. We are glad and thrilled to know that you chose us to find answers to your queries. I hope this article on how to delete a tweet you retweeted helps you.