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How To Create WhatsApp Group Using Excel

Last Updated : Nov 15, 2020

How To Create WhatsApp Group Using Excel

In this article we will show you how to create WhatsApp group using excel, in this world which is filled with technology and every day numerous amount of applications are built. There is still one application which remains in the top list. Which is Microsoft Office, it debuted In 1989 and since then it has left the marks of its impact. M.S. Office is so commonly used that almost every person has used it once in their life.

The first application offered by M.S. Office was the excel. It is one of the most used application till date in M.S. Office. Excel is used extensively in workplaces. It is used to maintain ordered records of the employees or ordered records of students studying in a college or a school.

Excel is also used in banks way too much to maintain records of the customers of the bank. Excel is really a big-thing in corporate world. And it’s not even that hard, anybody who knows basics of a computer can learn to operate Excel in just few hours.

This article will help to tackle one problem of ours. The thing is that excel sheets are also used to create WhatsApp groups of unsaved contacts, and people don’t know how to make use of excel sheets. Excel really makes it easy to make WhatsApp groups of unsaved contacts.

Consider, you are a teacher to whom a new class of students is assigned, you need to make a WhatsApp group to make everything flowy with the students. But if you save each and every contact number in your mobile phone it will take a long time and is not a proper method to do it. What you can do is make use of excel to do it easily.

Step By Step Guide On How To Create Whatsapp Group Using Excel :-

  • Open google chrome in desktop.
  • Click at the dots on right-hand side.

    How To Create WhatsApp Group Using Excel

  • Click on contacts.

    How To Create WhatsApp Group Using Excel

  • Now import the excel sheet in which the contact list is saved.

    How To Create WhatsApp Group Using Excel

  • Now your contacts are saved in your google contact.
  • Now open WhatsApp.
  • Go to make a New group.
  • All the contacts that you have imported from the excel sheets are now in your phone.

Conclusion :-

With these steps one can make WhatsApp group of unsaved contacts easily. Hope this article on how to create WhatsApp group using excel helps you and you can easily create any WhatsApp group using excel.