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How To Convert PowerPoint To Word On Mac

Last Updated : Dec 6, 2021

How To Convert PowerPoint To Word On Mac

In this article we will show you how to convert PowerPoint to word on mac, in Mac, you can easily use Microsoft office and convert the PowerPoint presentation into a word document with the help of just a few clicks.

The procedure forms a new Word document that is distant from the PowerPoint presentation.. After converting the PowerPoint to word on Mac the files are not linked so any changes made in the word document will not affect the PowerPoint presentation or vice versa.

Step By Step Guide On How To Convert PowerPoint To Word On Mac :-

  1. Launch MS PowerPoint on Mac.
  2. Open the presentation in PowerPoint that you want to convert into a word document.
  3. Click on the option of the file that is placed at the top of the menu bar in the window.
  4. The file menu will display various options like open file, open location, open recent, close, save, Duplicate, Rename, Move to, Export, revert to, and share.
  5. Click the option of export from the drop-down menu.
  6. Enter a filename in the field named as export as and enter the location in the Where drop-down menu.
  7. In the drop-down menu look for the last option named file format. It will display the various format for the selected file.
  8. Click on the option of rich text format.
  9. After touring the location and the format for the selected file click, the option- save. The selected PowerPoint presentation will now be saved in the format of rich text and the location as you specified.
  10. Now you need to launch Microsoft Word on your system.
  11. Tap file and then click the option of open. Now you need to use the RTF file that you have just exported from PowerPoint. The RTF file will appear on your screen in Microsoft Word.
  12. Now click the option of file. There will be various options displayed under the file tab. Click save as.
  13. A new window will appear on your screen where you can save the document as a word file.
  14. The various formats will display in the drop-down menu when you click the arrow placed next to the format. From here, you need to select the format as a Word document.
  15. You can also do another formatting like selecting the option of making the document read-only, and copying link images into the document along with compressing on disk. After changing the format along with all other changes click the option - save which is placed at the bottom of the window.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to convert PowerPoint to word on mac helps you, in this article we covered an essential guide and the steps mentioned above are Koi detail and will help you to easily convert any of the PowerPoint presentations into word on Mac.