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How To Claim Warranty In Flipkart

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Claim Warranty In Flipkart

In this article we will show you the solution of how to claim warranty in Flipkart, the largest online retailer in India, Flipkart, provides a wide range of electronics at affordable prices.

However, as with any internet purchase, you must ensure that you are receiving what you paid for.

You might want to think about filing a warranty claim with Flipkart if you've been using a product you got from the online store for a while, and it's started giving you some troubles.

This is particularly true if the item you purchased is still covered by the manufacturer's guarantee.

Not understanding what information to offer while attempting to make a warranty claim on Flipkart is one of the most frequent problems users have.

Additionally, some users have trouble reaching Flipkart's customer service.

If you're having any problems like these, we've provided a step-by-step guide on how to claim warranty in Flipkart which makes the process of claiming warranty easy for you.

Step By Step Guide On How To Claim Warranty In Flipkart :-

  1. Install Flipkart mobile app
  2. Visit the Play store, search for Flipkart app in the search bar, and then install the app there to use it on a mobile device. How To Claim Warranty In Flipkart
  3. Once you installed the Flipkart app then open it and sign in using your registered information.
  4. Go to my orders
  5. Click on "my account," and then you can see my orders tab on the screen, where all your past and present orders are visible. How To Claim Warranty In Flipkart How To Claim Warranty In Flipkart
  6. When you click on the ordered item for which you want to claim warranty, you will see information about that product, such as the date of purchase and the seller's name. How To Claim Warranty In Flipkart
  7. Look for and download the invoice option. The invoice will serve as evidence of purchase and facilitate the claim procedure. How To Claim Warranty In Flipkart
  8. Find the "Need Help?" option by scrolling.
  9. You will be directed to chat support after selecting the "need help" selection, where you could be prompted to submit information about your product.
  10. The chatbot will instruct you on how to submit a warranty claim for a particular item that you bought.

To request a warranty from Flipkart, send an email to their support team. To assist with your warranty claim, you can also call the 1800 2029898 Flipkart Customer Care Number.

Write to their supoort or management team if you still wish to elevate your problem.

Warranty Terms & Conditions:

  1. The device has a one-year guarantee that begins on the date of purchase. Only Authorized Service Centers ("ASC/s") will be able to provide warranty service, which may include replacement or repairs.
  2. Only functional components and manufacturing defects will be covered by the warranty; unauthorised modifications, alterations, tampering, repairs, inappropriate placement or installation, poor handling, improper use, and deviating from the user manual's instructions will not be covered (if applicable) regular wear and strain brought on by using the product

Conclusion :-

The above mentioned procedure on how to claim warranty in Flipkart give you a simple way to claim warranty on Flipkart mobile app.

Calming warranty option in Flipkart makes easy to replace the damaged items and to get a new item in place of that damaged product but the warranty is applicable only under certain conditions mentioned above.

I hope this article on how to claim warranty in Flipkart helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.