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How To Claim Flipkart Extended Warranty

🕐 9 Apr 23

How To Claim Flipkart Extended Warranty

In this article we will show you how to claim Flipkart extended warranty, but before moving any further, let's first discuss what an extended warranty is.

An extended warranty is a written form of guarantee which is provided to the purchaser of any commodity. The manufacturer provides this guarantee as a form of promise to repair or replace within the duration of the warranty.

Whenever we purchase a product like a TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, we always search for the warranty period provided to us.

The fundamental question which arises in the mind of a consumer is till what time will the particular commodity work properly and what if the warranty period is over?

Now a consumer does not have to worry about such issues as Flipkart is providing extended warranties on various appliances.

A user can get this offer at the best After the warranty period is over as issued by the manufacturer. Extended warranty period ensures that your appliances are safe for the duration of 12-24 months.

It is completely based on the policy of purchase. With the help of Jeeves extended warranty, Iit fully protected your commodity against any defect or breakdown for the duration of one year after the warranty expires offered by the manufacturer.

The user will get complete peace of mind and also can save his huge financial savings by availing this extended warranty.

Benefits Of Extended Warranty :-

  1. The extended warranty facilitates the coverage breakdown For all parts including mechanical and electrical.
  2. The extended warranty also provides free pickup and drop service.
  3. Flipkart extended warranty also provides a longer duration of life span for appliances for the duration of 12-24 months based on the policy of the product.
  4. It also refunds the money back to you within 30 days if the product is not repaired.
  5. Cash payout option for self repair.

Step By Step Guide On How To Claim Flipkart Extended Warranty :-

  1. Inform the Jeeves about the defect and corresponding issue at 1800 425 5568.
  2. Now you need to submit the invoice copy, extended warranty of the product and the ID proof to this email ID-
  3. Once the verification process is over a trained engineer is sent to you by the Flipkart officials for the site inspection.
  4. Your product will be sent to a repair centre if the issue still appears after inspection.
  5. The device or appliance will be repaired or replaced within 30 days.
  6. In case they do not repair then your product they will provide you with the option of a replacement for the same product.
  7. They will provide a choice of return without repair to you if the claim exceeds the sum insured.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to claim Flipkart extended warranty helps you.

We also discussed the benefits of extended warranty and the extended warranty post repair stages.