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How To Check Windows Version Command Line

Last Updated : Jun 15, 2021

How To Check Windows Version Command Line

In this article we will show you how to check windows version command line, it's important to know which version of Windows you're running as a Windows user this is essential for both upgrading new services and problem resolution.

Information about the Windows version installed on your device can be found in many locations in the operating system, including the Control Panel.

Further The window also includes an introduction of your platform's detailed capabilities, such as computer system, available memory that is Random Access Memory and system type if it is 32-bit or 64-bit.

The next segment displays your computer's name and network domain settings. You can also check to see whether your Windows version is activated or not.

Do you want to purchase a new Software application? If that's the case, you'll need to figure out what Windows OS version you're running.

This data is essential for a number of computer-related tasks. You've come to the right place if you want to learn how to determine the Windows version on your computer.

We'll show you how to get your operating system's information in this article. Moreover the device information window includes all of the information required to install new programs.

It does not provide you with specific details about your Windows update, such as the version number and the operating system you can get to know the details by using a command line.

Step By Step Guide On How To Check Windows Version Command Line :-

  • Simply press windows + R to get a run prompt.

    How To Check Windows Version Command Line

  • Then in the command window type “cmd”

    How To Check Windows Version Command Line

  • Then type systeminfo and press enter. You will see the following screen with all the descriptions of your windows.

    How To Check Windows Version Command Line

  • This is how you can easily keep yourself updated about your system model and configurations.

Conclusion :-

Windows has controller commands that display us just the edition of the Windows operating system we're using, as well as the firmware upgrade count.

There are several CMD commands that can be used to locate the version that you are using. Above is the one that best fits your needs.

This command displays the OS version, while the Systeminfo command displays the service pack, OS edition, and build number, among other things so, I hope this article on how to check windows version command line helps you.