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How to check WhatsApp DP viewers

🕐 1 Jan 23

How to check WhatsApp DP viewers

WhatsApp has become a number one messaging app all over the world, and it is improving its feature day-by-day, users are getting interest on it, and it is going to introduces its new features with new updates and in this article we will show you how to check WhatsApp DP viewers

Conclusion :-

many of the features are in beta testing mode, so now we will discuss about the feature which provides you the information of the users who viewed your DP profile pictures.

Daily several people in your contacts are viewing or visiting your WhatsApp profile and WhatsApp gives many features to our users like: you can set profile DP as well as you can also set status daily on WhatsApp so many people visits tour profile for different reason, have you protected yourself from WhatsApp stalkers? Are you concern about who viewed you WhatsApp DP or profile or status? Is there any solutions? How to check who visited your WhatsApp profile?

If we talk about the official WhatsApp, so it has very tight security feature, and it doesn’t provide that type of features which can provide information about such users who viewed your DP profile picture on WhatsApp. But if you go to the play store and iOS store so there are many third party apps like Whatstracker, who viewed me, who visit my profile? All are fake apps. These apps can’t check who viewed my DP profile, all the contacts listed under the visited section are random, many of them are not visiting your WhatsApp DP profile or status.

If you install any apps which provide this type of function or feature believe it there is no third party app by which you can check who viewed your WhatsApp DP profile.

But, by using official WhatsApp application you can check the list of your contacts who see your current WhatsApp status?. WhatsApp only permits to see who viewed your WhatsApp status not to know who visited your WhatsApp profile.