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How To Check Truecaller Search History

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Check Truecaller Search History

In this article we will show you how to check Truecaller search history, in case you have forgotten about a specific number that you have just recently searched in Truecaller for verification you can easily check the Truecaller search history to get more information.

Users can also delete the search history from the Truecaller application as well as the website. Truecaller search history provides excellent identification service.

In Truecaller whenever a user looks for a specific number or name it automatically gets stored in the search history which is the built-in feature of the Truecaller application.

In case you are looking for a solution on how to check the Truecaller search history this is the right article for you just follow the steps given below in order to check Truecaller search history.

Step By Step Guide On How To Check Truecaller Search History :-

  1. In case you do not have this application on your Android device you need to first install it using the Play Store.
  2. Now you need to sign in to the Truecaller application. This application gives you the options to do the login procedure with the help of Google account, Facebook account and Yahoo.
  3. After entering your mobile number it also sends an SMS in order to verify your number.
  4. The application will show 5 tabs at the bottom of the screen named calls, messages, contact, premium and locking.
  5. Click the option calls placed at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  6. Now Click the search field placed at the top of the screen.
  7. Here you can easily search the number names and more in the Truecaller application.
  8. When you click the search field you will see all the history in your Truecaller application. How To Check Truecaller Search History
  9. You need to scroll down at the bottom which depends on the length of the search history to see the option clear history.
  10. In case you only want to check the Truecaller search history you just need to click the search field to see all the searchers you have done within the application.
  11. However if you wish to delete the search history in the Truecaller you can easily create the clear history option placed at the bottom of the list.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to check Truecaller search history helps you and in this article we covered an essential guide on how you can check your Truecaller search history for verification or other important details.

The steps mentioned above are detailed and easy-to-follow and now you can delete the search history whenever you want.

So in case you ever feel like deleting your search history in Truecaller application you can easily refer to this article.