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How to change font in WhatsApp status

Last Updated : Oct 1, 2020

How to change font in WhatsApp status

Today we are going to introduce the very interesting tools for all WhatsApp users how to change fonts and color in WhatsApp status, in this article we will show how to change font in WhatsApp status. WhatsApp announced the new feature of the status update in this year that disappears in 24 hours, every WhatsApp user like this feature.

We have got some cool tricks you can use to make your update so good, if you are WhatsApp users you can change fonts of text you enter in your mobile status update and the best part is, it is very easy, no need to download any external app or plugins, just swipe! followed some steps which is written below in this post.

How it works?

  • First click on the status update option and select the photo which you want to update,
  • After selecting the photo you could see the text (T) option which is above on your mobile screen,
  • Enter the text which you what to post and swipe up and down on color pad and without lifting your finger swipe left and right for font,
  • You can choose fife more different kind of font in your WhatsApp status,
  • WhatsApp may be add fife more font in future,
  • There are three more options when you update your status excluding text option like (emoji, paint or crop)

Conclusion :-

So take advantage of this interesting WhatsApp feature it will make your status colorful and interesting. I make sure to like and share this post with your friends and follow our blog for more such interesting tricks.

I hope this article on how to change font in WhatsApp status helps you and you will understand this process and fulfilled your desire that how easily you can change you font size and colorful text, so if you like this blog please like and share it.