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How To Cancel Movie Tickets On BookMyShow

Last Updated : Jul 26, 2022

How To Cancel Movie Tickets On BookMyShow

In this article we will show you how to cancel movie tickets on BookMyShow, BookMyShow is a perfect platform through which it is easy to book or cancel movie tickets.

If you are willing to watch a movie with your friends or your any company then you can search the movies and the cinema hall that which movie you wish to watch and in which cinema hall is available to go.

You can easily book your movie ticket through BookMyShow on your android phone.

Step By Step Guide On How To Cancel Movie Tickets On BookMyShow :-

In this article we will discuss the cancellation process that how you can cancel your movie ticket on BookMyShow in the simplest form. So lets start with the following steps to cancel movie ticket.

Check out the steps and important details on the process of cancellation of a movie ticket on BookMyShow.

At the earlier time, people used to stand in a queue to book a movie ticket for favorite films, events or threatre shows, etc.

But it is the digital era where you can easily and in a few minutes book a movie ticket through the BookMyShow app. You can also watch the trailers and get discounts and get to know about all the good things happening around you.

You can follow these below steps to cancel your movie ticket by

BookMyShow app. The following steps are as follow :-

  1. At first, Login into the BookMyShow app or website. How To Cancel Movie Tickets On BookMyShow
  2. Then Click on the “Profile” on the bottom right side of the app of the upper right side of the website.
  3. Next, select the “Purchase History” and then choose your booking movie ticket which you wish to cancel. How To Cancel Movie Tickets On BookMyShow
  4. After that, tap on “Cancel Booking” that is available on the bottom right side of the screen.
  5. You will get two option to refund your booking amount. The two options are as “Refund to BMS Cash” and “Refund to Original Payment Mode”.
  6. Now your amount will refund , the amount that you gave.
  7. Finally, a stamp will display on the booking ticket.

Conclusion :-

Which confirms you that you have cancelled your booked movie ticket and your amount will refund as soon as possible.

By following these above steps you can cancel you booked movie ticket in a simple way and also get back the amount which you paid for the ticket.

I hope that after reading this article you have figured out that how you can cancel movie tickets on BookMyShow.

This app is one of best ticket booking app in a few minute with a confirmation notification of your booking details.