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How To Cancel Bus Ticket In Goibibo

🕐 15 Jul 23

How To Cancel Bus Ticket In Goibibo

In this article we will show you the solution of how to cancel bus ticket in goibibo, we all know that if there is a positive thing then there will be a present of negative thing as well.

Similarly, if you have booked any ticket from any of the apps then you can also cancel that ticket if you do not need that anymore.

There are many apps in the market from where you will be able to book bus tickets or train tickets or even flight tickets.

From there one of the apps' names is goibibo. Many people know how to book bus tickets in any app but the problem arises when they want to cancel their ticket but sadly they fail in this mission.

But do not worry because even if you have failed in this mission then make sure to read this article till the end because this article will help you to know about how you will be able to cancel a bus ticket in goibibo with just a few and simple clicks on your device.

Goibibo is very helpful and it also has the cancellation option with in the app itself so you do not have to worry about anything just follow this article till the end and perform all the steps according to this article.

In the end you will see that all the steps will match and you will also see that the ticket which you want to cancel it actually has been cancelled in real life.

All the steps which are present in this article are 100% proven and can be performed without any second thought so let's not waste time and dive into the steps.

Step By Step Guide On How To Cancel Bus Ticket In Goibibo :-

  1. At first you will have to open the goibibo app from whichever device you are using.
  2. As soon as the app opens it will be on its homepage.
  3. From the homepage of the app you will be able to notice that at the top of your screen you will find an option.
  4. That option will be named asGO TO CANCEL.
  5. You will simply have to click on the GO TO CANCEL option.
  6. After that you will have to type your ticket number or the booking ID in the ticket number area.
  7. You will get all the relevant ticket details on the next page.
  8. You will also get details of the cancellation charges on the same page.
  9. Next you will have to select the ticket which you want to cancel.
  10. After that simply click on the CANCEL button to cancel your ticket.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to cancel bus ticket in goibibo helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.