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How To Book Ola For Others

Last Updated : Nov 4, 2021

How To Book Ola For Others

In this article we will show you how to book ola for others, Ola is India’s leading cab providing service. You can book cabs anytime you want from the Ola mobile application. Booking an Ola is very simple and convenient. You can book a cab in just a few taps. It was not so easy earlier.

Ola cabs are comparatively safer than the regular taxis as Ola gives you an option to share your trip details with your family and friends and they can also track your live location, you also get an emergency button inside the app which alerts Ola’s security team once you press it.

With Ola you get customer support throughout the journey and the driver is also skilled.

Ola cabs now have a feature which allows you to book cabs for others. Now you can book cabs for your friends and family from your phone.

It is possible that sometimes our parents or friends are not able to book a cab online. There can be multiple reasons for that, Now you can help them out by booking a cab for them, let’s see how to do that.

Step By Step Guide On How To Book Ola For Others :-

  1. Unlock your mobile phone and launch the Ola application by searching for it in your App drawer, if you do not have the app in your phone then download it from the Appstore.
  2. Turn on the location services of your phone because Ola uses it to track your location so that the driver can reach to your location easily
  3. Now you will need to set up the pickup location of the person you are booking the cab for, You can search for their location in the search bar or you can enter it by moving the location pin on the map to their exact desired pickup location. After entering the pickup location you will need to enter their drop location on Book your Ride screen.

    How To Book Ola For Others

  4. On the corner of the same page where you entered the pickup and drop locations you will find a button with “Myself” written on it. Tap on the button and it will open a menu where you will have the option to select the contact number of the person you are booking the cab for.

    How To Book Ola For Others

  5. Select a nearby cab. You can choose what type of cab you want, For example You can book a mini which is usually a 5 seater hatchback, prime which is a premium sedan. click on RIDE NOW if you want to book the cab instantly. You can only schedule your ride.

    How To Book Ola For Others

  6. Tap CONFIRM to make your booking. You can choose to pay online and through cash. Make sure to look for available coupons and promo codes.

Once the booking is confirmed the rider whose contact you selected will receive all the details through text message, and the driver will also contact that number. You can track their location through the app.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to book ola for others helps you in this article we have explained everything in very simple steps. By following the given steps you will easily be able to book a cab