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How To Block Someone On Twitter Without Them Knowing

Last Updated : Dec 1, 2021

How To Block Someone On Twitter Without Them Knowing

In this article we will show you how to block someone on twitter without them knowing, Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms which helps you to interact with others across the globe.

However, for some reason, you want to block a specific user on Twitter. Twitter provides you the flexibility of blocking someone on Twitter without knowing them. It does not notify the blocked person when you blocked the individual.

When you block a person on Twitter, they can no longer send you any dm. in the list of your followers, they will be gone after you block them. if you have blocked someone from Twitter, it does not mean that they cannot see any of your tweets.

If your Twitter profile is public, it still means that the blocked person can easily view your tweets.

Step By Step Guide On How To Block Someone On Twitter Without Them Knowing :-

  1. Open the Twitter application on your device.
  2. On the Twitter page search for the person, you want to block.
  3. You can search the user by directly typing the URL or by clicking the link attached to the person’s profile on your screen.
  4. There is a person's name along with the display picture and right decision you will see a light grey bar.
  5. On the far left side of the bar there you will see a green + icon along with the word follow decided.
  6. Similarly, on the far right side, there is a gear icon next to it.
  7. Click the gear icon and it will show a drop-down menu.
  8. Among the drop-down menu select the option of the block.
  9. Now the person can no longer send you any DM or see your tweet if your profile is private on Twitter.

This social media platform, Twitter does not send any notification to the blocked user. This does not give the surety that the individual still can't figure that you have blocked him or her.

If this specific user was following you on Twitter before being blocked they can easily notice if they are not visible as one of your account’s followers.

Sometimes block users get to notice that they cannot get or see any of your tweets in their feed. Here, they directly access the Twitter page of your account to confirm the scenario.

In case you want the block user to completely restrict from watching any of your activities, change the settings of your account.

You can easily change the setting of your account by clicking the option of setting and opting for the option tweet privacy.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to block someone on twitter without them knowing helps you in this article, we covered an essential guide and we have also highlighted the steps on how you can change the privacy setting of your account in order to restrict the blocked user from seeing any of your tweets.