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How To Become Group Admin In WhatsApp Again

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Become Group Admin In WhatsApp Again

In this article we will show you how to become group admin in WhatsApp again, WhatsApp is one of the most well-connected and widely used messaging app. It is a name familiar to a child as much as it is to an elderly person.

It allows one to stay connected with friends, family and loved ones via messages and calls.

WhatsApp is a platform which is also used for professional work like organizing meeting schedules, staying connected with colleagues, etc.

WhatsApp groups primarily are a closed and exclusive network of people where all the members of the group can send messages, audios, gifs, etc.

Within the group, the admin is the most powerful. He or she can alone add or remove people from the group, make new admins and are responsible for various other things and activities.

In this article we will see how you can become admin of a WhatsApp group again.

The answer to this very simple and short question is no, you can’t.

In the proper course of action, the creator of the group is the original admin. He or she adds other members as admins to manage the activities of the group in question.

Once you exit the group on your own will or have been removed from it, you can only be a member of the group if someone adds you to the group again. You will become an admin again only with the approval and decision of the existing admin(s) at the time.

Even though you will find plenty of information regarding coding sequences and hacks that can make you re-gain access to a WhatsApp group as an admin, these methods are not reliable. They are full of risks and put the security of the group and privacy of its members at a risk of significant magnitude and level.

In my advice, once removed, you should think clearly before you proceed further.

It is better to follow the correct way of becoming an admin of a WhatsApp group.

These are explained as under-

Step By Step Guide On How To Become Group Admin In WhatsApp Again :-

  1. The most direct way to achieve this is by requesting the existing admin to make you an admin. This can only happen if you are added back to the group where you are simply a member and not an admin.
  2. The second method is by being pro-active on the group. This includes being responsive, helpful and influential in the group. This forms a good basis for you to convince the other group members and make them see you as a leader or admin.

These are the only two straight-forward methods to gain access to being an admin of a WhatsApp group without any shady, complicated method.

Conclusion :-

Follow the steps above to become admin of a group again in the safest way.

Using these methods will prove to be beneficial in the long run as it will not be a win after deceiving other members but by proving your abilities.

I hope this article on how to become group admin in WhatsApp again helps you.