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How To Become Admin Of A Facebook Group Without Permission

Last Updated : Nov 23, 2021

How To Become Admin Of A Facebook Group Without Permission

In this article we will show you how to become admin of a Facebook group without permission, Facebook is actively used by almost a billion people. It is the platform used by almost all age groups to stay connected with their friends.

Even if you do not use Facebook you will still know about it. Facebook is ridiculously popular among the people of middle age groups.

Facebook bought the concept of social media to this world. It has very useful features such as messaging, calling and even video calling. Facebook allows you to share your pictures, videos and thoughts with your loved ones.

You can use Facebook to promote your business in fact it can be really useful because of the massive amount of the users present on the platform. You will find enough examples of people who boosted their business using Facebook.

Facebook group is a page created by group of people to interact together at one place, it can be joined by any number of people, and Facebook groups can either be restricted or public. To join a restricted you will need to be accepted by the admin.

In a Facebook group the admin is like the leader. Take the admin as the president of a country, everything is controlled by the admin, he or she can allow people to join the group, admin can also remove members from the group if he wants, He can also appoint other members as admin.

I hate to break it to you but there is no way you can become admin of a Facebook group without permission.

There is still hope, if the group whose admin you want to become has no admin then you can easily claim the Admin position of the group. But that too has some conditions-

  • You need to be active in the group, you will have to make your participation visible and remember only one admin spot can be claimed after that you will again need permission to become admin.
  • You may not be able to claim the position of an admin if other members have already requested to become the admin.

Now let’s see how you can become admin of a Facebook group which has an admin without permission, as I said before you can’t unless you decide to hack the admin’s account and make yourself the admin which of course you don’t want to do.

So we will give you some tips to become the admin of a group in a right way.

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Now here’s the boring but effective part, to become the admin of a Facebook group.

  1. You can directly ask the admin of the group to promote you to Admin, of course you knew that but trust me this is the easiest way. If You have been an active member in the group then the admin may promote you.
  2. If you think directly asking is not going to work then you should start participating actively in the group, be responsible and active. You may impress the admin and he may promote you.

That’s all, You’ll find a lot of tricks on the internet about hacking and doing the coding stuff to become the admin but that’s not going to work, Hacking is not that easy, I assure you It is not worth it. You may want to try the given two steps to become the admin of a group in a right manner.

Conclusion :-

To become an admin of a Facebook group you do need permission from original Admin, there is no short cut to that unless you have some dark hacking skills which of course you don’t have otherwise you won’t have been reading this article.

You might want to follow the given two steps if you want to become the admin. I hope this article on how to become admin of a Facebook group without permission helps you.