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How To Add Your Own GIF To Instagram Story

Last Updated : Jan 2, 2021

How To Add Your Own GIF To Instagram Story

In this article we will show you how to add your own GIF to Instagram story, if you've been to social media, you'll know how popular GIFs have become.GIF tweets earn 55% more commitment, and Giphy's famous GIF website has 300 million active users a day.

GIFs show up in comment threads, message forums, instant messaging and other informal interactions as a way to animate and communicate a little more than text would normally allow.

It's no surprise that these little moving images are now splashing on Instagram, particularly the Instagram Stories. You can be truly eye-catching, amusing and culturally significant with a well-placed GIF.

To improve your content engagement, we want to explore exactly what makes GIFs so useful, and also show you are how to add your own custom-branded GIFs for your Instagram Stories to enhance your brand awareness and feed cohesion.

Step By Step Guide On How To Add Your Own GIF To Instagram Story :-

  • Adding your own animated GIF helps you to create a clear brand image on your social media account and have more influence on what's associated with your image. As we described, Giphy is used by Instagram to power its animated GIFs.

    How To Add Your Own GIF To Instagram Story

  • With Giphy, you can upload your own animated GIF to use on your Instagram stories.
  • Second, you're going to need to open a Giphy account.

    How To Add Your Own GIF To Instagram Story

  • Fill in and apply your company information and contact details. You'll get an email from Giphy informing you they'll be in touch with you shortly.
  • In the meantime, you should start filling in your Giphy profile – make sure your Giphy account is made public and fill out details about your brand, including links to your website and social media accounts:

    How To Add Your Own GIF To Instagram Story

  • When your application has been approved and checked, you can start adding your GIFs.
  • If you know-how, you can design your own GIFS brand, employ a graphic designer, or use Giphy artists.
  • It is necessary to upload them as stickers, not as typical GIFs so that the animation is put on a transparent background. Toggle off the background layer when you make a GIF to convert it to a GIF sticker.
  • Use the business name for tags. To classify each of your GIFs, add descriptive tags. Your GIFs should have at least 5 tags—other Instagram users will be able to use your GIFs by searching for them in the GIPHY menu option in their Instagram Stories.
  • You will be able to see the analytics of Giphy's GIF, including views and uploads. This will allow you to see how popular your GIFs are with other users, and to determine how popular your Instagram stories are with your audience.

Conclusion :-

Whether you draw attention to a call to action or add an impact to your text or image, adding branded GIFs on Instagram stories attracts the attention of your audience.

When using GIFs, there are so many imaginative possibilities that often a little discipline is required!

To empower your brand and communicate with users on an emotional level, use this new way of communicating with your audience.

You will increase the level of Instagram engagement, create a loyal audience, increase the visibility of your brand and develop your own creativity. I hope this article on how to add your own GIF to Instagram story helps you.