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How to add bulk contacts in WhatsApp group

Last Updated : Sep 21, 2020

How to add bulk contacts in WhatsApp group

WhatsApp is become a very popular app all over the world, it is a part of everyone’s life many people are using this platform as a personal gossip or professional chat as well, in this article we will show you how to add bulk contacts in WhatsApp group

WhatsApp is become an integral part of everyone’s life be it a student or an office working person or any kind of groups of people who want to chat with each-other. It is very big platform where you can spread you ideas and reach many people to more together, to find more prospects of their services or products.

Apart from that if you make group on WhatsApp so there is some purpose behind it, it would be simple family or friends group and it would be professional like educational group like school’s students group, college staff group etc, when you make this types of group you need to add bulk contacts or participants in WhatsApp group.

How to add bulk contacts in WhatsApp group

So let’s go through this article and find out, how to add bulk contacts in WhatsApp group, let’s start the process, and followed the given steps in below:

  • First create excel or csv files on your device which you want to import in WhatsApp group.
  • Then you have to open web WhatsApp pro (it’s an advance version of WhatsApp including some extra features) on your preferred web browser,
  • Then one window will be opened with OR code so just scan the OR code with your mobile phone.

    How to add bulk contacts in WhatsApp group

  • Then you WhatsApp conversation window will open.
  • Then select the group on WhatsApp where you have to add your contacts.
  • After that you have to go to the group info option.
  • Then you will see the many options like add participants, invite to group via link, import from file, export to file, so you have to click on import file option (in simple WhatsApp doesn’t have import and export option).
  • After that you have to select excel or CSV file to import in your WhatsApp, whichever file you have.
  • Then excel or CSV file will be opened on your device and click on the analysis data option.
  • If any contacts repeat in excel or csv file then it will be automatically repair repeat contact.
  • After repairing contacts it will be finally come into your WhatsApp group.

Conclusion :-

Apart from that you can also add more participants in you WhatsApp group, and one more feature you can see over there if you are admin of your group so only you can add the contacts but you can add more contacts via WhatsApp link option.

So I hope you can add bulk contacts after reading this solution and hope this article on how to add bulk contacts in WhatsApp group helps you.