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How To Add Another Gmail Account To iPhone

Last Updated : Oct 28, 2021

How To Add Another Gmail Account To iPhone

In this article we will show you how to add another Gmail account to iPhone, Gmail is a free email service provided by Google that helps you to send and receive email. It has become one of the important applications used by various users all around the world.

Sometimes people prefer a separate Gmail ID for their professional and personal work. This enables them to find out a particular email during business meetings or in their personal life. Adding another Gmail account to your iPhone is a straightforward process.

A professional email account helps you to balance out your work life. A personal email account helps you get important notifications regarding payment transactions and important declarations from your friends or family.

Another Gmail account can be useful for assigning promotions to other related programs like Sale alerts, marketing updates and other registration.

Having a separate Gmail account related to work It will help you collect all the business related mail at one place away from your personal mails.

Step By Step Guide On How To Add Another Gmail Account To iPhone :-

  1. Open the option of settings In your iPhone.
  2. A setting page will open showing you various options of setting regarding mails, contacts calendar news reminder phone messages FaceTime map compass Safari and other settings.
  3. Among these settings, click the option of mail.
  4. This page shows you various settings regarding accounts message list messages and threading.
  5. Click on the option of accounts which is placed at the top Of your screen.
  6. After opening the account paid you will see a list of accounts that exist in your iPhone like iCloud which includes all your iCloud drive mail calendar Safari and others, Gmail including mails contacts calendars and notes.
  7. Click the option to add an account which is given at the bottom of the list Under account settings.
  8. A list of options will be available where you can add your account like iCloud Google Yahoo Outlook and others.
  9. Click the option of Google to move forward.
  10. A sign-up page of Gmail will display on your iPhone Screen.
  11. It informs you have signed in with your Google account and lets the iPhone access your mail and other Google data. You need to enter your email or phone along with your password.
  12. After entering your details, click next.
  13. After adding another Gmail account to your iPhone you can also sync the account as required by switching the slider towards the right side. If the slider is green, it shows that your account is syncing. click the option to save once done.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to add another Gmail account to iPhone helps you and in this article we covered an essential guide. The steps mentioned above are quite detailed and easy-to-follow. I hope This article solves your query.