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How To Activate Flipkart Account

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Activate Flipkart Account

In this article we will show you how to activate Flipkart account, the online shopping app ‘Flipkart' has been very much used in the recent times. It overtook many other E-commerce entities of India to become one of the best online shopping portals of India.

The Flipkart app has improved in itself so much since the starting. The products that they deliver nowadays is of a very good quality and they have also got a very good response in recent times by their customers.

The best thing about Flipkart is they always try to improve and become the better version of themselves.

They have always given their customers the first priority and that has also resulted in Flipkart being one of the most liked online shopping app.

Most of the times they have tried to come up with new options which will benefit their customers. Making their customers the first priority is the reason why Flipkart has more than 100 million users today.

But still many people in India are unaware of the Flipkart app. They should know that it is a very easy app to use and will make things much easier for them as they can order almost everything they want from the app in minutes. For becoming a user of Flipkart you just have to.

Step By Step Guide On How To Activate Flipkart Account :-

  1. Go to the Google Play Store or any other application downloader and search for the mobile app ‘Flipkart Online Shopping App'.
  2. After you have found the app just simply click on download to download it.
  3. Open the Flipkart app after it gets downloaded in your mobile phone.
  4. The first page will request you to select a language according to your preference. You will get Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Odia, Malayalam, Punjabi, Assamese, Marathi, Gujarati and English as options.

    How To Activate Flipkart Account

  5. After you have successfully selected the language, you will have to enter your phone number to log in.

    How To Activate Flipkart Account

  6. You can even enter your Email ID by choosing the option of Use Email ID.
  7. You will get an One Time Password (OTP) in your mobile number or Email ID, depending on what you have entered, which you will be asked to enter.

    How To Activate Flipkart Account

  8. Just enter the OTP in the box.
  9. Then you will be asked to set up a password to protect your account. Set any kind of password which one is easy to remember for you.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to activate Flipkart account helps you, your account will be successfully created once you have set up your password. Now you will be able to shop from India’s leading online shopping app.

After following all the above-mentioned steps your Flipkart account will be created. You will get to know about many other features when you start using the app. You will also get many offers and discounts from time to time in the app.