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How Do I Reset Netflix On My TV

🕐 9 Apr 23

How Do I Reset Netflix On My TV

In this article we will show you how do I reset Netflix on my TV, Netflix has become a staple name in the households of most people. It is the one-stop shop for all the best and the latest movies, TV shows, series, and what not.

It has a massive collection of movies and shows from all genres like comedy, action, sci-fi, drama, thriller, documentaries, etc.

Moreover, you can use it on any compatible device like your desktop, PC, mobile phone, TV, tablet, etc. Thus, it allows you to watch your favorite titles at the time and place of your liking and convenience.

You can watch Netflix on your TV either directly if it is a smart TV or by using an external device like an Amazon fire stick, Roku stick, etc.

When you are watching Netflix on your TV, there are times where the app gets stuck or frozen.

This can be very frustrating and you might need to reset your Netflix.

But the question is how do you do that on your TV.

If you want to know the answer, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will see how you can do so in just a few quick and easy steps.

Step By Step Guide On How Do I Reset Netflix On My TV :-

  1. To start the process, the first thing you need to do is switch on your TV using the remote control. Moreover, make sure your TV is connected to an active internet connection.
  2. Now if you are using an external device, go to the HDMI channel with which it is connected.
  3. Here, wait for the device to load and once it does, you will be taken to the home page. Here, click on the Netflix app.
  4. Once you do so, the next thing you will need to do is select the profile that you wish to open.
  5. If you are using a Smart TV, all you need to do is click on the Netflix button on the remote.
  6. Now, on the homepage, click on the ‘Menu’ icon located at the top left corner of the page.
  7. This is depicted by three lines.
  8. On your TV remote, a new menu will open on the bottom left side. Here, you will see several options like downloads, etc. From here, select the ‘Apps’ option from the menu.
  9. Now, on your Netflix app, look for the ‘App settings or settings’ icon.
  10. This will allow you to reset the app.
  11. Click on the button and follow the instructions or prompts that are displayed on your TV screen in order to restart your Netflix.
  12. You may be required to re-enter the account information. The app will return to order within 5-10 minutes.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how do I reset Netflix on my TV helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement and now you can easily be able to reset Netflix on your TV.