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How Do I Hide Blocked Contacts In WhatsApp?

Last Updated : Nov 6, 2020

How Do I Hide Blocked Contacts In WhatsApp?

In this article we will show you how do I hide blocked contacts in WhatsApp? Human beings always go into conflict with people that they know. It Is human nature and it happens with everyone and is common, but some people take it too seriously and try to cut off the other person from their life totally. It is completely normal, even I have done it.

We can cut off the person from real life easily but what about our beloved fake or virtual world? Everybody is connected to everybody in that world. Famous platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook provides us features like to mute somebody’s text messages and calls also.

But if someone really made you feel bad and you really want a break from them, you can block the user on these platforms. But this article is for WhatsApp only, you can mute or block contacts on WhatsApp if you want to.

This feature is very useful in many scenarios like if a scammer is texting you continuously and you want break from him or someone is a bully who treats you in an ill-mannered way so you can block that person on WhatsApp.

But the main thing is that if you block a contact on WhatsApp then the person is blocked only through WhatsApp, the other person can still contact you via other platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc.

Consider, you have blocked a contact on WhatsApp and even though the other can not contact you, you just want to remove the person from WhatsApp.

Step By Step Guide To Hide Blocked Contacts In WhatsApp :-

  • Since you have already blocked the contact.

    How Do I Hide Blocked Contacts In WhatsApp?

  • Go to contacts.
  • Navigate to the contact.
  • Delete the contact.
  • Open the WhatsApp and you will see the number of the contact instead of contact name saved.

    How Do I Hide Blocked Contacts In WhatsApp?

  • Now, tap at the contact and hold it, many options will pop-up in the top.

    How Do I Hide Blocked Contacts In WhatsApp?

  • Now tap at the archive option (button is marked in the picture attached below).

    How Do I Hide Blocked Contacts In WhatsApp?

  • Now the chat is hidden on WhatsApp and the other contact can not contact you via WhatsApp and you won’t be able to see their chat box in your phone.
  • If you want to see the chat box, scroll to the bottom of the chats and your will see a button named ‘Archived’ tap at it.

    How Do I Hide Blocked Contacts In WhatsApp?

  • Now you can see the chat in their and read the text-messages exchanged between you two if you want to.

Conclusion :-

Now, you can hide a blocked contact in your WhatsApp. I hope this article on how do i hide blocked contacts in WhatsApp helps you and share this simple method with your friends and help them too.