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How Can I Use One WhatsApp Account On Two Devices

Last Updated : Sep 16, 2020

How Can I Use One WhatsApp Account On Two Devices

Generally WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to use on account on two devices due to some security reasons, but if have to phones and need to use the WhatsApp both so we will give you a very simple solutions to do that. In this article we will show you how can i use one WhatsApp account on two devices

As we know WhatsApp has lots of feature for our users and it is currently working on multiple device support feature for android users, this feature is expected to allow users to use WhatsApp with a single mobile number on multiple smartphone or devices.

The Facebook-owned messaging platform is yet to reveal when the feature will be available. But if you won’t wait for this feature officially so we have another option to do this.

There is a one more solution to use a WhatsApp account on two devices for it you have to go for third party application from play store and the application name is Whatscan pro.

With the help of Whatscan pro you can easily use your WhatsApp account on multiples devices, you can easily get it from play store, but it works on same application means you will be able to apply this only if both are android phones, and one more thing to discuss with you Whatscan app also contains lots of adds it is free to download.

If you have two phones and use WhatsApp account on both devices so let’s see the steps below.

  • First you have to download Whatscan pro application from play store.
  • Whatscan should be downloaded on your secondary device.
  • Then click on start now option to open the app and wait for the next page because of adds.
  • Then when open the window you have to click on Whatscan option.
  • Then it will take you to a page that looks like WhatsApp web page with QR code.
  • Then go to the WhatsApp web option on the setting option with your primary phone.
  • Then, scan QR code with your secondary phone, after scanning your WhatsApp account will open on the second phone as well and you able to use it on both devices at same time.

Conclusion :-

When you use one WhatsApp account of both devices then second phone will look as if it is opened on a browser and not an app, so I hope the all WhatsApp users can profit on this feature, it will fruitful for you. Hope this article on how can i use one WhatsApp account on two devices helps you.