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How Can I Post Pictures On Instagram From My Computer?

🕐 1 Jul 23

How Can I Post Pictures On Instagram From My Computer?

In this article we will show you how can I post pictures on Instagram from my computer? Although Instagram provides creators with a lot of features, it still doesn't have an official way to upload photos and videos from your desktop.

But if you feel a little creative, there are ways to post on Instagram from your phone. Doing so provides you with more versatility about what you can post, such as videos and photographs that are edited. And without first having to upload them to your phone, you can do it.

From your laptop, there are a few ways you can post on Instagram. All depends on which operating system you use. Below, from your PC, you can find ways to share. We'll also show you how to post on either operating system via Hootsuite.

Step By Step Guide On How Can I Post Pictures On Instagram From My Computer :-

By Using Hootsuite :-

Hootsuite helps you to post to Instagram either on your PC or on your Mac. And it is also extremely simple.

You can post to Instagram via Hootsuite in just a few easy steps:

  • Sign in to the Hootsuite dashboard. If you don't have an account yet, build one free of charge.
  • Click the New Post button at the top of your dashboard.
  • The window for the new post will be shown. Under Post to, pick the Instagram account where you want to post your stuff. You can do this by pressing +Add the social network in the box and following the directions if you haven't added an account yet.
  • Drop the image and/or video that you want to share to Instagram in the Media section. Unfortunately, at the moment, you cannot post carousel images (multiple images) to Hootsuite. Please check back later for an update on this.
  • When you've done, add your caption to the text section as well as any hashtags you want to use. You also have the option to add a position to the bottom as well.
  • If you've made a message, check it out for any errors. When you're confident it's all good to publish, press the Post Now button at the bottom.

By Using Inspect Element :-

You need to have Google Chrome on your PC to post on Instagram. If you don't have Chrome, you can download it from here.

When you've got it, follow these steps:

  • Go to in your Chrome browser.
  • Go to your browser settings(chrome will be preferred) by clicking the three dots on the right. From here, click More Options than Developer Tools.
  • Then you'll see the Chrome developer pane.
  • This window helps developers to test and debug their websites and apps—but we'll use it for Instagram. Tap the button on your mobile phone.
  • Then pick which mobile interface you would like to use under the drop-down window.
  • When you have chosen a mobile interface that you would like to use, refresh the page and see the mobile interface on your browser.

Conclusion :-

You're now in a position to post on Instagram from your desktop like you would on your tablet and I hope this article on how can I post pictures on Instagram from my computer helps you.