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How can i activate my banned WhatsApp number

Last Updated : Sep 17, 2020

How can i activate my banned WhatsApp number

If you are WhatsApp user and you will get this kind of message like: “your WhatsApp number is banned, contact support for help” that means you are banned from WhatsApp, so don’t worry in this article will show you how can i activate my banned WhatsApp number.

WhatsApp has terms and conditions that you have to strictly follow its for user’s safety and security, There are so many situations in which your number get ban such as: sending bulk messages if you want to run it for long time, because it is against terms and conditions, use of mod version (like gb, plus or oG version) if you are using those app then you will definitely receive a message “your app is temporary banned”, sending inappropriate contents it is also against the terms and policy.

If you are using an unofficial version of app, in this case your account will be ban temporary but if you are posting illegal contents and bulk messages in that can your account will be ban permanently, so let we know how to come out it.

How to activate banned WhatsApp number

There are some steps which you have to follow, how can you active ban your WhatsApp number:

  • First you have to uninstall your WhatsApp and restore the latest version from play store.
  • Then enter the number which you want to activate.
  • Then you will get the message on your phone “your phone number is banned”. Contact support for help.

    How can i activate my banned WhatsApp number

  • After that you have to click on support button to activate and unban your banned WhatsApp number.
  • Then mention the correct reason with your number why you broke its terms and conditions.
  • After that click on the next button and select “this does not answer my problem”

    How can i activate my banned WhatsApp number

  • Then it will take you to default mail app with your filled details and click on the send button.
  • Within 48 hours support team will reply to your request and your appeal is genuine then your number will be unbanned and activate.

Conclusion :-

It is a very simple process to discuss with in this article, how can you activate banned WhatsApp number?

If you prevent the permanent ban you should immediately download or save the official version of the app. Ignore the others app because it doesn’t provide the end-to-end encryption feature. Hope this article on how can i activate my banned WhatsApp number helps you.