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WPX Review - The Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

WPX Review - The Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

WPX was built with the vision of providing a smooth web hosting platform. There are many web hosting platforms with false promises of unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. So WPX was started to provide a trustworthy and reliable hosting service.

Usually other promises of 24/7 support, knowledgeable support, flexibility, and many other features. But they fail to deliver their promises.

With complex admin areas designed only for software engineers, it is not possible for web entrepreneurs to use other hosting services. That's why WPX hosting was started to allow everyone an opportunity to host their websites.

WPX was started in 2013 with three main objectives:

  • To provide superior speed through their own high-speed, Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is free for all WPX customers. They also have high-speed SSD servers (that they own and do not rent). The tech is deliberately under load and is optimized to perform well under heavy traffic. It provides a leading performance-based on independent tests.
  • To offer 24/7 live chat support with an average response time of 30-second. The chat agents are knowledgeable with an understanding of WordPress and hosting backward. They are available at any time of the day or night. The agents are efficient enough to solve the queries in the first response without escalating the issue to another team.
  • WPX offers an easy to navigate hosting interface and user admin panel. It ensures fast, easy, and tutorial-driven functionality for better understanding. The support team is there by the side of clients every step of the way. Moreover, if there is any issue then their support team is ready to help and instantly solve the issues.

Apart from the hosting service, WPX also has their own nonprofit NGO (Every Dog Matters) to help homeless and unwanted shelter dogs and cats. It is a huge part of their change mission as a company.

At the moment they successfully rehome around 1000 animals in a year. They are creating initiatives that aim to eliminate the problem for homeless/sheltered animals entirely.

Free Services At WPX :-

WPX Hosting Review

When you choose WPX then they provide you with some integral free services that ensure your hosting experience with them is smooth.

Free website speed optimization

This is a free service for all WPX customers but it is only available from Monday to Friday. Thus, there is a substantial queue for work on weekdays.

24-hour free website migration to WPX

A usual site migration requires around $98 and it needs substantial extra time. It is a technical job that needs to be done by experts. So WPX offers free service that can be completed in just 24 hours.

Free Content Delivery Network (CDN) with lightning-fast speed

Their own CDN service provides flexibility, speed optimization, and integration on their own WordPress hosting platform.

Free Malware detection and removal service

In the current market, a few hosts do offer free malware detection services. But all of them do not have the expertise to safely remove that malware from websites.

For that work, hosts can charge hundreds of dollars. But WPX offers it for free and has the technical expertise to remove bugs efficiently. Their security team continuously scans and cleanses all servers of malware at no expense.

If your site goes offline then WPX offers free fixes

There can be many reasons for which your site can go offline like WordPress update or plugin update, network issues, and other issues.

But entrepreneurs lack the skills and time to quickly fix these issues. So WPX provides this service for free. You get fast solutions from them.

The detailed information is provided on the WPX site regarding the free services that they provide.

Get Value For Money With WPX :-

  • It is one of the few independent hosting companies, so they don't have to depend on the permissions of other companies before innovating.
  • Datacentres in Chicago, London, and Sydney
  • Superior page loading speed for 2 years in a row according to independent tests compared to other hosting companies.
  • Best winning speed and load handling performance as proved by independent tests.
  • One of the most trusted web hosting platforms in the world according to
  • Unlimited free site migration to WPX from any other hosting platform.
  • Free CDN with 26 global delivery points.
  • 30 second average live chat response time.
  • Free and fast fixes when the site goes offline.
  • Free malware scanning and removal.
  • Free SSL certification.
  • Free basic email service.
  • High-quality host committed to helping homeless/unwanted animals.
  • Clearly defined and managed WordPress hosting responsibilities.
  • WPX Hosting Pricing And Packages :-

    Hosting plans

    WPX Hosting Review

    WPX provides superfast hosting plans for WordPress websites. Their WordPress experts can move your website from any other hosting platform to WPX within 24 hours.

    The payment for all WPX hosting plans can be made either yearly or monthly. But the yearly plan gives you 2 months of service for free. So, it is more cost-effective.

    1. Business: It costs $24.99 per month or $20.83 per month if paid yearly for up to 5 websites including 10 GB storage, and 100 GB bandwidth with:

    • Free malware removal.
    • 30-second average support response.
    • Free site fixes if it goes offline.
    • Free website speed optimization.
    • A money-back guarantee within 30 days.
    • 99.95% uptime.

    2. Professional: It is $49.99 per month or $41.58 per month if paid yearly package for 15 websites including 20 GB storage and 200 GB bandwidth. It is one of the most popular packages of WPX.

    • Free malware removal.
    • 30-second average support response.
    • Free site fixes if it goes offline.
    • Free website speed optimization.
    • A money-back guarantee within 30 days.
    • 99.95% uptime.

    3. Elite: Get this package at just $99.00 per month or $83.25 per month if paid yearly for 35 websites, 40 GB storage, and infinite bandwidth (further details are on the WPX website). It also includes

    • Free malware removal.
    • 30-second average support response.
    • Free site fixes if it goes offline.
    • Free website speed optimization.
    • A money-back guarantee within 30 days.
    • 99.95% uptime.

    All the plans include some free features for WPX clients you can get more details about their plans here.

    WPX Hosting Review

    • 1 click WordPress installation.
    • Data centers in the USA, UK and Australia.
    • High speed custom CDN with global locations.
    • High speed SSD storage.
    • Unlimited site migration to WPX.
    • Unlimited SSL certificates.
    • DDoS protection.
    • Automated 28 days backup.
    • Staging area.

    There are more feature details on the WPX website.


    At WPX you also get domain services. So, you can get your own domain at a minimum price of $13.99 per year.

    Based on the domain that you want for your business, the price range varies. The minimum price is $13.99 per year and goes up to $29.99 per year. A detailed description of their domain plan is provided on their website.

    WPX promises

    1. Speed: Fastest loading and running of websites with their custom-owned CDN. It makes your website faster for all visitors globally. It is completely free for WPX customers across all the plans: Business, Elite, and Professional.

    2. Support: They provide the fastest support with a 30 second average response time on live chat. Moreover, the first responding support agent can solve any client queries without escalating the matter to other teams. So, clients get a smooth and quick solution.

    The WPX team always delivers on its promises. Their service is trustworthy with an easy-to-use interface for business. Clients get constant support in every stage from the WPX team. The speed is also good so that there is no lag and consumers have a good experience.

    Why WPX Hosting?

    Based on the independent tests run by Kevin Ohashi and Matthew Woodward, WPX is the world's fastest managed WordPress hosting provider. Kevin Ohashi runs a once-a-year test on the performance of different hosting providers.

    His tests cover small to big corporations, and he uses independent well-known tools to evaluate the performances. Moreover, he has experience in WordPress for more than 10 years.

    Transparent results drive his motivation and WPX has top tire recognition in all their plans.

    Moreover, you also get a beyond-expectations support service with a 24/7 live chat. At WPX you get answers from real experts instead of bots.

    Thus, you get instant solutions so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

    With WPX you get the best value for money where the client receives not only fast WordPress hosting but also many other free features. Overall, it is one of the best hosting platforms for websites that you can trust.