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Webhosting UK Review - UK's Leading Managed cPanel Web Hosting Provider in 2023

Last Updated On Tuesday, Apr 25, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

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Webhosting UK Review - UK

To those not so familiar with the jargon, cPanel web hosting is shared hosting that comes with the cPanel control panel included. It’s intended for hosting on Linux servers and is especially useful for anyone with a CMS website, like WordPress or Magento.

While there are a fair few cPanel plans on the market, Webhosting UK has raised the bar when it comes to the quality of its hosting and the features it offers.

Here we look at why Webhosting UK (WHUK) is the UK’s leading managed cPanel web hosting provider.

About WHUK :-

Webhosting UK Review

Webhosting UK, established in 2001, has steadily become one of the most popular UK web hosting providers.

The hosting provider offers a wide range of solutions including Windows hosting, cPanel hosting, WordPress hosting, Email hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud server hosting, and Dedicated server hosting.

Apart from that, the web host also offers a couple of security solutions like SSL certificates, spam experts, Imunify 360, Acronis backup, and backup solutions.

These security tools can be purchased along with your hosting plan.

WHUK claims to host websites that go beyond 1,000,000 and they have a clientele of over 35,000.

cPanel included :-

While many web hosts offer cPanel as an optional upgrade on their shared hosting plans, the great thing about WHUK is that customers get this phenomenal control panel for free. It comes included in the price.

That’s good news for the majority of shared hosting users who don’t usually have a great deal of in-house tech experience, as it makes the task of managing the website and hosting far easier and less technically challenging.

The industry leader when it comes to Linux control panels, cPanel provides a wide range of highly useful management tools which are presented in an intuitive dashboard and are designed for easy use.

cPanel even has a built-in, beginner-friendly help section to guide users through the actions they need to take. Essentially, it helps you do more, do it quicker and without hassle.

Powered up hosting :-

Since Google’s search algorithm began to take its Core Web Vitals into account, site speed has become even more important with regard to SEO. Sites that want to rank highly, have to load and respond quickly.

As an entry-level hosting solution, shared hosting doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to performance.

Webhosting UK, however, has turned that on its head by running its shared hosting on powerful servers with the latest Intel Xeon processors and super-fast SSD drives.

The service even has automatic caching. As a result, users get an awful lot of bang for very few bucks.

Expert, round the clock support :-

The individuals and small businesses that make up the majority of shared hosting customers often lack the know-how to deal with the technical issues that can affect their website or hosting.

As a result, problems like internal errors, software conflicts, malware infections, etc., can become unsolvable without third-party assistance – and buying in that assistance doesn’t come cheaply.

The technical support at WHUK is unparalleled. It is free to all customers, available 24/7, every day of the year, and reachable by online chat, telephone, email and ticket.

On the other end of the line, users will find highly trained and knowledgeable engineers that can help them solve their website and hosting issues quickly and effectively.

In addition, the company has a popular online self-help forum, detailed knowledgebase and a highly informative blog. When it comes to support, WHUK ticks all the boxes.

Free daily backups :-

Webhosting UK Review

With the cost of shared hosting being so low, backup solutions are nearly always an optional extra and often cost more than the hosting plan. Unfortunately for website owners, they are also a necessity.

The loss of website files and data can put companies out of business if they are unable to recover quickly and get the site back online.

The rising number and sophistication of cyberattacks also increase the risk of this happening.

Thankfully, WHUK puts its customers’ security before its profits and its cPanel Hosting Plans come with free daily backups included.

These are stored remotely and securely so that if the worst does happen, websites can be back up and running again in no time.

No bandwidth limits :-

Often hidden in the small print, bandwidth limits are designed to prevent those on shared servers from using up all the shared resources and to encourage busier websites to upgrade their hosting.

While most websites on shared hosting won’t need a great deal of bandwidth, there can be an issue if the amount of traffic a website gets begins to grow over time or has an unexpected spike.

Where bandwidth limits are reached, this could lead to the website going offline until its next accounting period begins or for it having to pay for more bandwidth.

At WHUK, bandwidth is unmetered, meaning that customers can have all the bandwidth they need without fear of going offline.

There is, of course, a fair use policy as is standard with all shared hosting accounts across the industry.

Host multiple sites :-

Businesses that want to run multiple busy websites generally should use more powerful hosting solutions, like VPS.

However, it is possible to run several small and less busy sites on a shared hosting account – many companies do and without issue. Unfortunately, not all hosting accounts let you do this.

Webhosting UK offers four different cPanel hosting plans, each offering the potential to host a greater number of websites, from the Starter Plan which allows two, to the Developer Plan which offers unlimited sites.

This means WHUK customers can, effectively, host as many sites as they need on a single hosting account.

First-class email :-

Not all shared hosting accounts come with email included and as an entry-level solution, those that do are often limited in what they offer.

Again, Webhosting UK has broken the mould here, providing its cPanel Web Hosting users with a fully-fledged email hosting service that can be easily managed through cPanel.

This gives customers the chance to benefit from their domain name email accounts (e.g., and make use of its calendars, contacts, tasks, forwarding and autoresponders.

WHUK email is accessible via webmail, can be integrated into Outlook and other clients, and comes with robust spam, malware and phishing filtering.

Top of the range uptime :-

Given as a percentage, guaranteed uptime is the amount of time a host promises to keep a web server online during each accounting period.

The higher the figure, the better. Poor uptime can affect sales, reputation and search engine ranking.

The nature of shared hosting means 100% uptime is not possible. As a managed cPanel shared hosting provider, WHUK engineers will take care of the server on the customers’ behalf, installing critical security patches and updating the operating system.

This means, from time to time, that the server will need to restart and may be offline for a short period.

To avoid disruption, this usually takes place at the time of day when sites have the fewest visitors.

Compared to other providers, at 99.9%, WHUK’s uptime guarantee is right at the top of the range for shared hosting.

Rock-solid security :-

Security is, rightly, a concern of all website owners and should be a key consideration when looking for a hosting provider.

WHUK understands this and provides robust protection for its cPanel hosting customers.

It uses powerful firewalls to detect and eliminate cyberattacks, like malware and hacking; customers can install free SSL certificates on all their sites to encrypt payment transactions; and through cPanel, they can restrict access, password protect directories and defend sites from malicious activity.

There is a wide range of other security tools available as well.

cPanel Plans and Pricing :-

Webhosting UK Review

The plans WHUK offers are pretty straightforward and they follow a transparent pricing policy.

They offer 4 plans under the Shared Linux cPanel hosting, namely, cPanel Starter, cPanel Premium, cPanel Advanced, and cPanel Developer.

Their most practical, reasonable, and popular plan is the cPanel Premium plan, which is priced at 4.67 pounds per month. You get to host 5 websites with this plan.

And you get 10 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited databases and emails, 99.9% uptime, a 1-click application installer, and 24x7 customer support.

The solution is ideal for startup firms and bloggers. Additionally, scaling the plans is pretty easy at WHUK.

You can scale up through their hosting plans, if and when, you outgrow a certain hosting solution.

Conclusion :-

Despite it being the most popular form of hosting, shared hosting has generally been neglected by providers in an effort to drive customers to more expensive solutions. Not at Webhosting UK, however.

WHUK has taken an entirely fresh view of shared hosting, pairing it with cPanel, powering it up and adding a wide range of great features that make it fit for purpose in the 2020s. No wonder they have so many 5-star reviews.