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Push.House Review - One Of The Best Push Ads Network

Last Updated On Monday, Apr 18, 2022 | Written By - Mudit Jain

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Push.House Review - One Of The Best Push Ads Network

Push.House is an advertising platform that helps advertisers attract target audiences by promoting their products and services through their push ads network, analyze the advertising process and increase sales all over the world. It is a push ad networks and their inserted ads yield more revenue for their clients.

On top of that, it also provides clients with higher conversion rates. Advertisers use their services to market the products/services all over the world.

Push.House has some hot traffic sources for adult and mainstream offers. It is a leasing push ads network that has successfully established itself as a leading company.

Through this platform, advertisers can bid on traffic in more 180+ counties across the globe. They also get an average share of 31+M clicks on the network.

Moreover, the top advantage of using Push.House is the unique and high-quality traffic. The ad network ensures that you get the best results while using it.

With Push.House one also gets some innovative targeting features that ensures precision targeting and also identifies the top performing feeds for offers.

With all this together Push.House is a turbo-charged platform that gives its users the license to print money.

We have been going through a time where the pop-up industry has been in distress and advertisements are not effective.

But the ads by Push.House have been successful despite the ongoing condition. One can use the Push.House services to generate better ads and earn more revenue through better traffic flow.

Push.House main aim is to monetize the website of the clients through push ads when you use this advertising platform, you enable ad notifications to appear on the screen of the user. It appears as a tiny pop-up window on the screen.

Understanding Push ads :-

If you are going to use Push.House then it is important to understand the basic concepts of push ads and how you can benefit from it.

Push ads are currently the hottest ways to benefit from affiliate marketing. They can be set up easily with bot-free traffic and you can easily target users who are ready to click.

Thus, push ads are go to solution for newbies who are starting out. It is also used by pros who want to increase their ROI and the amount of traffic.

If you are using the right platform for push ads then it can be a money-making machine with high click through rates, global coverage, low cost, and instant delivery.

Thus, it is a great choice for advertisers who want to go to the next level. Moreover, if you are not actually using push ads for revenue generation, you will miss out on earning better revenue in the market.

Thus, you should find a push ads network like Push.House with a large volume of quality traffic and good targeting options.

Formats Of The Advertising Blocks :-

Push.House Review

This platform has a native look for all its formats that provides good CTR and excellent UX. Moreover, it supports global networking, different devices, operating systems and browsers.

  • IOS push
  • In page
  • Push
  • Native

Features Of Push.House :-

Users of a Push. House gets access to a wide panel of features easing the activities:

1. Targeting : There are different kinds of targeting features available in the platform

  • convenient targeting
  • Device targeting
  • City targeting
  • Subscription age targeting
  • IP targeting
  • Browser language targeting
  • OS version targeting

2. Customization : On the platform, you can customize the following:

  • Campaign scheduling categorized by days and hours.
  • Set the ad click limit.
  • Customized campaign budget by general and daily use

3. Connect and configure

  • The Push.House platform can integrate with tracking sites like Keitaro, Bemob, Binom, and octo tracker.
  • Each and every ad on the platform is made unique.
  • Ads are configured by link, ad and Domain.
  • Availability of 24/7 support and a complete brand security.
  • For conversational purposes, there is a telegram chat box and Skype.

How Can You Get Started With Push.House ?

  • Like any other platform the first step is to create an account. On the home page there are 2 options of sign up or sign in. If you are a new user then you should click on the sign-up option to create an account in the platform.
  • Once you have clicked on sign up, you will be required to fill in the details and verify your account for security reasons. But old users can just sign in to their account and access all the features and tools.
  • Once you are in the platform with an account, you can start constricting ads. You have to go through the following steps: Push >> create>> campaign. Once done, you can give a title to your advertisement, image, and description.
  • Then you should put your site address in the ad so that users can be redirected to this link when they click on your ads. You can also generate such links from advertisement trackers like Binom, Bemob, Red track, etc. However, if youdon't have one then the Push.House platform provides basic stats for your campaigns.
  • Start selecting your target audience so that with the right audiences you have a high conversion rate.
  • For targeting on the platform, you can use different parameters like Device, age, Country, city, language etc. But other than this on the platform you also get a time targeting feature. It allows you to enable/disable ads on a specific day/hour.
  • After completing the following steps, you have to manage the advertising budget. You can start with customizing like Total budget limit, Daily Budget, Total Clicks capping, Daily Clicks capping and On the platform you can also customize your bid and set max bids for numerous sites.
  • You can start your campaign once you are done with material, targeting, budgeting, and bidding.

The campaigns first go to the moderation queue that you can pause right after moderation. Thus, you can start the campaign whenever you want.

Relax once you are done with the set up. The platform will take care of everything else for you to help you get the highest conversion rates.

Advertisers Get Numerous Benefits From Push.House :-

Push.House Review

With Push.House, advertisers get new opportunities to avail in order to generate more revenue through ads. It is a hassle-free process to sign up on Push.House as an advertiser:

  • Sign up on the advertiser’s platform on Push.House.
  • Create an ad using text and images in the account created.
  • If you want to then specify the region where your ad can be displayed.
  • Once you have made all the moderations, you can run your ads in the market.
  • Once the ads are running, you start getting substantial traffic of interested visitors on your website.

Once you are done with it, you can get numerous benefits from the platform like:

  • Guaranteed brand safety
  • Better CR/CTE.
  • Better volume
  • Simple moderation to suit all the needs of the advertisers.
  • Get 24*7 available personal managers to handle all the details.
  • Access to worldwide locations

Conclusion :-

Push.House Review

In a short amount of time, Push.House has proven to be one of the most trusted and best push notification platforms. Advertisers benefit from this and generate good revenue.

It's a respectable and well-designed push ads network with lots of high-quality traffic and you also get a global reach on this platform.

Push.House also has an integrated Ready set that gives its user the opportunity to create unique ads and get every possible opportunity.

Currently the platform has 34584194 active subscribers with 312648479 impressions and 1219948 clicks.

This platform has played an integral role in taking push advertising to the next level. It is possible only because of their smart algorithm design that shows the most interesting and relevant ads to the visitors.

This platform also grows the conversion rate for the website, leading to better revenue generation as well.

You do not have to put in much effort but if you are running Push.House ads on your website then everything falls into place gradually and you can earn more revenue.

If you wish to subscribe to the platform then check out their pricing on the official website or get in touch with them through call or text. Understand your business requirements and choose the plan that suits you the most.