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PBN LTD Review - One Of The Best-In Class PBN & PBN Hosting Service

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


PBN LTD Review - One Of The Best-In Class PBN & PBN Hosting Service

Does your website or blog not get enough traffic even though you have kickass content? Have you paid hundreds of dollars to the expensive SEO agencies and still not gotten the desired result?

Well, you are not alone, there are thousands if not millions of websites on the web, and that too in the same niches, and only a bunch of them are successful.

A website’s ranking on the search engine plays a huge role in diverting traffic, even a slight change in the ranking can tremendously increase the traffic.

Websites are ranked on search engines based on various factors such as the content, page speed, Freshness, etc.

One of the most important factors among all is Backlinks, it is considered one of the strongest signals used by Google to rank a website. We will talk more about backlinks later in the article.

Building backlinks to your website is the most important thing you can do to improve the ranking.

Backlink building is considered one of the most strenuous tasks in SEO. It takes a lot of practice and effort to achieve it but what if I tell you that you can acquire backlinks easily and that too without spending a lot of money.

Yes, With the help of PBN LTD you can take your website to a next level. PBN LTD provides Footprint Free Static HTML & WordPress PBN Hosting and super Safe Private Blog Network Hosting.

Unlike every other PBN service provider, PBN LTD is backed by World’s most advanced scientific algorithm which makes sure that your blog network remains undetectable.

In this article, I will be reviewing PBN LTD to help you decide if their services fit your needs

PBN LTD Overview :-

PBN LTD Review

PBN LTD is a private blog network hosting company. If you do not know what PBN is then some explanation may be in order. A PBN is a network of multiple websites that are used to create backlinks for a single website.

PBN LTD offers Fast, secure, and footprint-free PBN hosting and it is the only company whose hosting is protected by an advanced scientific algorithm.

It has been gathering data from millions of PBN websites since 2004. This data comes from de-indexing, detecting footprints, and monitoring websites against 200 different factors.

PBN LTD has enormous experience in PBN hosting, Its extensive knowledge and research make it the best PBN service in the market.

Unlike other companies, PBN LTD not just claims to be footprint-free but is actually 100% footprint-free. It eliminates all the important footprints with no exception.

I can confidently say that At PBN LTD they know what they are doing.

Why Choose PBN LTD ?

PBN LTD is one of a kind company, At PBN LTD they have extensive research and data to back all their claims.

They have been tracking thousands of PBN websites to gather real-time data. Their knowledge of PBN is world-class which makes them the safest PBN service provider.

1. Scientifically backed

It is the only PBN company that implements its services based on the research data it gathered over the years.

It has been tracking thousands of websites for footprints, deindexing footprints & algorithmic changes. PBN LTD knows what networks get detected and makes sure yours doesn’t.

2. Provides Automatic protection

PBN LTD has a robust scientific algorithm that provides your Private blog with impenetrable protection automatically.

Its advanced scientific algorithm runs automatically in the background. Crawling the sites you host with them and configuring footprints to ensure your private blog networks remain undetectable.

3. Top-notch PBN SEO hosting

Most of the PBN companies still use outdated separate C- class hosting which puts your website at enormous risk.

If you continue using that then you might get detected and lose all your ranking. But PBN LTD has evolved with time

PBN LTD hides your website in the cloud, using the DNS and dynamic IPs of big web providers eliminating all the risks.

Features Of PBN LTD :-

PBN LTD Review

PBN LTD offers the safest footprint-free hosting. In this section, we will be looking at the features of PBN LTD. It has an exhaustively long list of features so we will be covering only the best ones.

Natural hosting profile

PBN LTD makes sure that your IPs are clean and you get the best neighborhoods by hosting your website on the clean IPs provided by the best companies in Web hosting.

It completely hides the origin IP of your website and ensures that your PBN network hosting profile remains natural by automatically deploying your PBN websites to different CDN data centers across many grade A providers.

PBN LTD uses the most reliable companies in the CDN industry for your PBN Website. These companies host millions of websites and handle 80% of the total daily internet traffic.

It also makes sure that your Private blog network remains hidden from the algorithmic detection by hiding your PBN network in the cloud amongst millions of natural sites.

One-click blog installation

With PBN LTD you can add Static HMTL or WordPress to your new domain with just one click. It is really is that simple, with just one click your new PBN website starts running without any hosting footprints.

PBN LTD’s new dashboard is built by the best UK web engineers who have good expertise in Web hosting as well as PBN. This is one of the reasons why PBN limited is the best in business.

Link building

Google confirmed in 2016, that backlinks are one of the major factors that determine the website ranking in Pagerank. Backlinks are the links given in websites that lead back to a page of your website

Backlinks are also known as inbound links because it is the traffic coming from other websites to your website.

Based on the number of backlinks and the quality of websites you are getting it from you can significantly increase your ranking.

With the help of PBN LTD’s dashboard, you can build an impressive link network which will boost your ranking. Its fast and reliable hosting ensures your crawl rates increase and all your outbound links are indexed and take effect.

Maintenance Free blogs

PBN LTD’s hosting dashboard keeps all your WordPress PBN blogs and plugins completely up to date and also keeps it secure at the same time. You don’t have to go through the trouble of keeping it updated which saves a lot of your time.

Underloaded servers

Most of the PBN providers overload their servers with websites. There’s a saying ‘cut your dress according to your cloth’ which I think they don’t understand.

But unlike them, PBN LTD does not overload its servers with websites Instead they offer everyone generous, unlimited & reliable PBN hosting space.

Large Choice Of CDN

PBN LTD lets you choose from a large number of leading CDN providers. It offers a one-click selection when you are adding a domain to its hosting panel.

These are only a few out of the many features offered by PBN LTD, you can view the list here.

PBN LTD Pricing And Plans :-

PBN LTD Review

PBN LTD has revolutionized the Private blog network with its industry-leading research and truly footprint-free services.

The data they have collected over the years helps them to keep your website safe and makes sure it does not come under algorithmic detection. The premium service they offer is also very cheap and goes easy on your budget.

The plans start from $5 and go up to $1400 depending on the number of websites or domains you want to host. For example, if you want to host 5 domains then you can buy the PBN 5 plan which is $5 per month.

All the packages include the features given in the above section and more. You also get the option to customize the packages according to your needs, you can even choose to pay quarterly and annually to avail yourself more discounts.

In all honesty, I don’t think you will get better PBN services for such a fair price. PBN offers world-class services for a very reasonable price.

Click here to know more about the prices and other details.

Conclusion :-

PBN LTD offers best PBN service that is extremely safe and is protected by a scientific algorithm.

It stands out because it has spent years collecting data from thousands of PBN websites. PBN LTD is well aware of the mistakes that other PBN websites make and makes sure you don’t do the same. Its prime focus is your safety.

PBN LTD not only claims but is 100% footprint-free. It takes care of all the DNS, server jargon, MX records, and more to make sure your private blog networks remain footprint-free.

It provides premium services and that too for a reasonable price. To conclude, I will say it is the safest and the cheapest PBN service you can get.