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LambdaTest Review - One Of The Best Cloud Test Platform

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

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LambdaTest Review - One Of The Best Cloud Test Platform

LambdaTest provides services of performing automated and live interactive cross browser testing on more than 3000+ real browsers and online operating systems.

They give software testers a powerful, comprehensive, and secure cloud testing platform to perform testing intelligently.

The testing cloud of LambdaTest allows testers to deliver compatible, seamless and responsive websites.

The process is not dependent on infrastructure. Many high-end companies trust them to deliver the best testing experience.

LambdaTest has worked with numerous fortune 500 companies and G2000 companies. When you visit their website, you get details of all their services and the positive reviews from their clients.

The company has a team of efficient professionals who ensures that the users get a smooth and satisfying experience on their system. Customer satisfaction plays an important role in their agenda.

They ensure that they provide a valuable experience to their clients. It has helped them grow and succeed as one of the top cloud test platforms for software testers and developers.

LambdaTest is a company with a positive presence in the market. It is a recommended platform for software testers and developers for the services and features it provides.

LambdaTest Services Overview :-

LambdaTest Review

The LambdaTest platform provides some interesting features and services for software companies. Let us explore in detail the services that LambdaTest provides.

Online Cross Browser Testing

It includes manual live-interactive cross browser testing for websites. It's features include:

  • Real time cross browser testing on numerous environments like different desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Accurate testing on real desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Easy debugging using integrated native developer tools.

To accelerate the process, you can use the following:

  • Dedicated WordPress plug-ins and chrome extensions.
  • Locally hosted web testing to save websites from deployment bugs.
  • Geo-Location testing.

Selenium Testing

You can run selenium scripts on cloud-based infrastructure. The features included under this service are:

  • Test in parallel and cut down the test execution time by more than 10x.
  • Run the test on cloud of 3000+ desktop and Mobile browser.
  • Availability of data driven insights for easy debugging.
  • It supports all programming languages.
  • Availability of enterprise ready tunnel for local testing.
  • End to end test execution log for better debugging.
  • Detailed reports on test runs.
  • Availability of Geolocation testing.

Cypress Testing

It allows you to run cypress scripts on cloud-based infrastructure. The features are:

  • End to end test execution log.
  • Enterprise ready test tunnel.
  • Easy NPM packages to install and run.


It is a blazing fast next generation automation testing on cloud-based infrastructure. The features included in this service are:

  • A fast end to end test execution cloud infrastructure.
  • Real Time console and execution log.
  • It runs on Linux containers, Mack's and Windows.
  • Intelligent test orchestration.
  • Availability of massive parallel testing.
  • On premise scaling cloud.
  • High quality security, privacy and compliances.

On-premise selenium grid

It gives you access to the cloud infrastructure of LambdaTest with the security of a firewall. In this service you will get the following features:

  • High speed test execution
  • Currency control
  • No scalability roadblocks.
  • A well-managed tests infrastructure.
  • Availability of enterprises access control.
  • Instant video log access.
  • Inbuilt issue tracker.
  • Enterprise proxy support.
  • 24/7 automation support.
  • Custom features implementation.
  • High level security, privacy and compliances.

Native app testing

You get the service of live interactive app testing on Android and iOS devices. The features under this service are:

  • Test on real cloud devices.
  • Test on emulators and simulators.
  • Run automated mobile app test.
  • No download or configuration.
  • Enhanced debugging.
  • Test logs and detailed analytical insights.

Real devices cloud

You can use this feature to test websites and apps on real devices. The features under this service are:

  • Increased device coverage with real device cloud testing.
  • 50x Reduced operational cost.
  • Accelerated test execution time.
  • Real time debugging.
  • Upload files to test new apps or install production apps directly from app store.
  • Test native device features like camera, touch screen, etc.
  • Shorter feedback loops.
  • Geolocation testing.

Visual Regression Cloud

It provides pixel by pixel comparison of numerous images at once. The features are:

  • Pixel by pixel visual user interface (UI) Regression testing.
  • Ability to run automation scripts on 3000+ desktop and mobile devices.
  • Faster release with fast test execution.

Test at scale

It is an open-source test selection and acts as a flaky test management platform. The features included under this service are:

  • Smart testing.
  • Easy integration.
  • Accelerated development pipeline.
  • Fast test execution for faster release.

Automation testing cloud

Using this you can run automation tests on a scalable cloud-based infrastructure. The features for this service are:

  • High Test execution speed.
  • Unblocked channels for faster testing.
  • Test across 3000+ devices and browsers.
  • Test reliability without wasting time in chasing flaky results.
  • Secure testing.

LambdaTest Features Overview :-

When you use LambdaTest, you get access to a whole range of complimentary features. It makes cross browser testing smoother and assists you in shipping products faster. Some of the features are:

  • Integrated debugging : You get integrated developer tools to help you debug issues in live testing.
  • Locally Hosted Web Testing : it saves you website or web applications from deployment bugs.
  • Geo-Location Testing : It allows you to test from different locations to ensure that your user will get the perfect experience across all locations.
  • Seamless collaboration : You can integrate LambdaTest with your tools and save time from managing bugs manually. It also fits with the CI/CD pipeline.

You can find more features in their feature section.

Advantages Of Using LambdaTest :-

There are numerous advantages of using LambdaTest. Software testers and developers get numerous features and services to help them get assured and effective results.

The main advantages of using LambdaTest are:

  • 24/7 dedicated support to resolve queries and to provide guidance on any issues.
  • They provide a highly reliable and accurate infrastructure that has no flakiness.
  • It fits easily into your testing stack with intelligent integration.
  • Availability of best browser coverage across any cloud grid.

Thus, LambdaTest has managed to outshine its competitors and achieved a strong hold on the market. They provide high quality service in a secured and compliant test environment.

LambdaTest Plans And Pricing Overview :-

LambdaTest Review

LambdaTest provides their services at an affordable rate for businesses of any scale to afford it. You access some of their service as a part of the free plan period.

They also provide a sample test run in order to give you the experience of their system before you go ahead and get subscribed.

With a simple registration into their system, you can get details about the plans and pricing. A rundown of the same is as follow

Live Testing

This costs you 15 dollars/month and the billing is done yearly. It is for 1 parallel test (5 users) and the features of this plan includes:

  • Unlimited browser testing in real-time.
  • Realtime native app testing on simulators/emulators.
  • Unlimited screenshot testing.
  • Unlimited responsive testing.
  • Unlimited access to LT browser.
  • 24×7 support from their team.
  • Third party app integration.
  • Free 100 minutes of automation for 50 days.

Web Automation

It includes live testing and costs 158 dollars per month. The billing for this plan also gets done yearly. It includes 2 parallel tests (10 users). The features available are:

  • Unlimited web browser automation testing.
  • Unlimited real time browser testing.
  • Unlimited real-time native app testing on simulators/emulators.
  • Unlimited screenshot testing.
  • Unlimited responsive testing.
  • Unlimited access to LT browser.
  • 24×7 support from their team.
  • Third party app integration.

Web + Mobile Browser Automation

This plan also includes live and costs you just 99 dollars per month. The billing is done yearly and you get the following features:

  • 1 parallel Test (5 users)
  • Unlimited web + mobile browser automation testing.
  • Unlimited real time browser testing.
  • Unlimited real-time native app testing on simulators/emulators.
  • Unlimited screenshot testing.
  • Unlimited responsive testing.
  • Unlimited access to LT browser.
  • 24×7 support from their team.
  • Third party app integration.

If you subscribe to a particular plan and want to switch to another one then there is an option for that as well.

So, you don't need to worry about going for a high-cost plan without proper knowledge of the system.

Subscribe to the monthly plans where you get the same plans on a monthly billing cycle. You can then make a full-time commitment to the LambdaTest system. You can find more details of their plans and pricing in their pricing section.

Conclusion :-

LambdaTest assists you with the entire process of testing and developing software. It was built with the aim of making the eating process smoother for software testers and developers.

So far, they have done an excellent job of keeping up with their aim. When you work with LambdaTest you get 24*7 support and they also guide you through calls and live chat before you subscribe to their services.

Moreover, when you use LambdaTest it provides you with a range of browsers on which you can run your tests.

The presence of useful resources like blogs, learning hubs and video tutorials helps you get accommodated with the system and makes your experience smoother.

Thus, if you want a powerful, secure and comprehensive cloud testing platform then you should subscribe to LambdaTest.