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EngageBay Review - A Must Have Tool For Every Company

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


EngageBay Review - A Must Have Tool For Every Company

Data Analytic jobs are very popular nowadays. Companies and businesses are offering huge salaries for data analytics. The reason for that is because of their extensive knowledge of understanding collected data and making plans related to that.

With the help of advanced software, companies are generating crucial data, such as the taste of people, the latest trends or the price economics. Data analytics then use this data to prepare business plans.

But in order to store this much data, you definitely need a place that not only protects your crucial data but arranges it in a manner that you can use it effectively. Therefore, to fill this space, CRM’s have emerged.

These Customer Relation Management softwares are widely used and help brands in creating monopolies.

CRM (Customer Relation Management) software is a place to store your data. These softwares are widely used for sales and marketing purposes as it helps in storing details of potential leads.

With these types of software, companies can efficiently increase sales and revenues. One such software is EngageBay - All in one CRM software. Let’s find out about EngageBay - All in one CRM software.

What is EngageBay?

EngageBay Review

There are numerous features provided by EngageBay that facilitate sales, marketing, and customer service.

Those functions can be accessed through one platform. It integrates customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, marketing automation, as well as live chat.

This dashboard has a very user-friendly interface with all these features integrated into it. A cost-effective alternative to overpriced tools, it is regarded as one of the most effective business solutions.

The company is well known in the world as at present EngageBay has 28000 plus business clients. Not only that but with the effective pricing models, small and medium businesses are also leveraging the benefits of EngageBay. Let’s dive deep into the features or advantages of EngageBay All-in-one CRM.

Features of EngageBay - All in one CRM :-

In the world of the internet, not every piece of software stands out from the rest. Most of the softwares fail, only the software with unique, effective or latest features survive the competition and make a name in the internet market.

EngageBay is one of them, not the failed one but the successful one. EngageBay is used by thousands of businesses around the world because of its unique, effective and useful features.

The developers of EngageBay have done a great job integrating features that every business would love to use. Here are some of the most loved features of EngageBay - All in one CRM.

1. Everything Crucial Under One Roof - a 360-degree view

EngageBay Review

As the name suggests, EngageBay is indeed an All-in-one CRM, that provides a complete 360-degree customer view.

Using different touchpoints such as communication history, contact details, personal interests, the thing of contact, lead scores, and more, users can build a comprehensive profile for each contact.

Customers can view their entire accounts on a single screen with this feature. As well as improving customer engagement, users can also leverage the AI-based solution to inform customers about follow-up activities and identify the best time to call for service.

2. Lead Nurturing

EngageBay Review

A great addition to the sales team. Every salesperson wants the best leads to call and make sales, but unfortunately, it is not possible for every organization to nurture leads.

Thankfully, with the help of EngageBay, an organization can use this advanced feature and find quality leads, which then can be converted to potential clients. Thus, it helps in boosting overall sales.

Moreover, such quality sales also help in boosting the motivation of the sales team and creating a positive environment at the workplace.

3. Task Management

EngageBay Review

By managing your sales tasks, you can organize your sales process most efficiently and effectively. With the help of the task management feature, you can easily assign tasks, create assignments and manage your sales team.

Not only that but, in addition to creating work assignments and assigning them to the sales team, you can also track the progress of each one.

As a result of task management, your sales representatives are better able to close deals and boost your organization’s revenue. Thus, your organization will be at new heights.

4. Contact Management

EngageBay Review

It allows you to see how each interaction with your prospects has affected your business. Using deep insights into your customers can help to improve your marketing and sales efforts.

Insights such as how many times the contact has been called, the amount of conversation that had been done in the past, issues related to sales, why the customer is not interested and so on can significantly help the sales team.

The customer relationship management feature enables you to forge strong relationships with your customers and convert prospects into paying customers.

Advantages of using EngageBay - All in one CRM :-

Okay, now we know some of the advanced features of EngageBay. Let’s look at why businesses choose EngageBay. Every organization wants an asset, not a liability. Businesses look for assets with benefits.

Therefore, for every software, it is crucial to provide several benefits. And, we far as we reviewed, we can clearly see that there are multiple benefits offered by EngageBay to organizations. The advantages are:-

1. Highly responsive Customer Support

EngageBay Review

Which organization or company would love to purchase software with zero after-sales services? Everyone wants to purchase a product for which there is someone who would listen if the user met with a malfunction or a software defect.

EngageBay does not only provide a customer support team but furnishes its users with highly responsive customer support.

For contact, you can mail them or call them any time. Details can be found on their official website along with the full address. You can also drop a message to their social media handles.

They are available on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Facebook.

2. Effective Pricing model

EngageBay Review

As we have mentioned earlier, not only do the big players are leveraging the benefits of EngageBay but because of the effective and easy pricing model, small and medium-cap businesses are also taking the advantage of the software.

You can start with a free (0$ plan) which does not cost you anything but provides a lot of features.

Obviously, there are limited features as it is free but after using it you can convert it to the Basic plan (11.99$ per month) which brings a plethora of features and advantages.

For medium or large-cap businesses there is a Growth plan (39.99$ per Month) which has its own advantages, all the ones included with growth along with some additional ones to help your business grow at a rapid speed and finally, EngageBay have a Pro plan which costs 63.99$ per month which includes everything EngageBay is capable of. These are the plans of EngageBay - All in one CRM.

For marketing purposes you can check out the marketing section, the same goes for CRM and sales bay.

But we recommend going with the all-in-one CRM. More details can be found on the official website under the pricing page.

3. Easy and Quick User Interface

EngageBay Review

As you are already running a business, you would have known that CRM software is generally hard to control and use.

The user needs to have proper knowledge or training of the software, in order to use it efficiently and effectively.

This cost both the cost and productivity. Well, that is not the case with EngageBay. The user interface of EngageBay software is top-notch in terms of ease as well as the quick user interface.

Nobody loves the extra fancy style software where everything is hard to find, instead, sales persons love the easy to use software to work effectively.

4. Well Known Integrating partners

EngageBay Review

every organisation can’t nurture it would be worth nothing if the integrating partners were of no use.

EngageBay provides a bucket of rich integrating partners along with some of the big names such as Shopify, Amazon SES, Stripe, Just Call, Linkedin, PieSync and CallHippo.

Other integrating partners are Zapier, SendGrid, Mailgun, Mandrill, Xero Online, Quickbooks, DocuSign, Twilio, JotForm, Vox Valley and a lot more.

Conclusion :-

The onboarding process of EngageBay is also very easy. There are many interactive tutorials included in EngageBay's onboarding process. Users don't have to learn every tool, so they don't have to.

There are also sections divided for each specialty. In this scenario, the salesperson only has to learn the sales dashboard component, the Social media manager needs to learn the scheduling component and the support team just has to acquire knowledge of the chat tools.

Therefore, EngageBay makes it very easy for an organization to manage data. Speaking of managing, Managing a growing team is easier with plenty of tools for reporting and sales statistics.

As an all-in-one cloud-based project management platform, EngageBay allows you to track ROI and use a full suite of file sharing and communication tools.