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Brixly Review - One Of The Finest Web Hosting Providers Available

Last Updated On Wednesday, May 25, 2022 | Written By - Mudit Jain

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Brixly Review - One Of The Finest Web Hosting Providers Available

We have often heard that old is gold. But don’t you believe that new has its own advantages that old cannot compete with, such as new technology and better offerings? It’s the same case with hosting providers.

Now, already established hosting providers are the most popular ones, but the emerging ones are on a mission to replace them.

Every business is either promoting or selling online. It’s crystal clear that companies know and understand the benefits they can leverage through the internet.

Even in the condition of high inflation and war conflicts, the online market is only growing at a rapid pace. Therefore, there is no doubt that in the coming years, we could see the number of companies leveraging the internet growing up.

However, to become successful in the online world, some factors need to be considered. One of the most crucial ones is reliable hosting.

Hosting is the first and foremost step, it's like a base for your mansion. Without reliable hosting, your business could struggle as there are many disadvantages to not choosing the right hosting service.

Therefore, it is extremely critical to find the best web hosting and web hosting provider. To help you with that, we have researched and found one of the best and most affordable web hosting providers that are not only reliable but the finest.

Let’s dive deeper into

What is Brixly?

Brixly Review

Brixly is a hosting company with servers in Great Britain and the U.S. It was launched almost six years ago, and it offers hosting services to customers all over the world.

In addition to its traditional dedicated servers and powerful virtual and dedicated servers, the firm offers Elastic Cloud solutions for small and medium businesses and companies. English is the only language supported by the platform.

In 2014, young couple Dennis and Francesca Nind started Brixly, a web hosting company that specializes in reseller hosting.

With only six years in business, the company has grown to manage more than 275,000 web pages and has built one of the most rapid reseller hosting networks in the UK.

With Brixly, you can build your own hosting company by leveraging a variety of options tailored to the reseller industry.

However, this does not imply that the firm is just beneficial to resellers. They offer a wide range of hosting services, including low-cost shared hosting and cloud solutions that can be scaled up and down efficiently.

To understand it on a different level, we need to learn about the features it offers. Here are some of them.

Features of Brixly :-

Features are by far the selling points of a product or service, they are the USPs of a company. Therefore, unique features are the key to gaining audiences. Here are some features of that elevated it to become one of the finest web-hosting providers.

Ease of use

Out of all the hosting providers, is one of the easiest to use. Everything from the sign-up process to importing website data, everything is seamless and convenient. The cPanel is ready to be set up with just a few clicks.

File manager and FTP are there to welcome you in case you want to import an existing website.

Apart from that, a free drag and drop website builder is also available to serve you. That’s why we have said that it is one of the finest hosting providers out there.

Reseller Friendly

Despite offering many options, Brixly is primarily focused on reseller web hosting in the UK. In this case, you could buy larger quantities of resources at a discount and then divide them into smaller plans for your customers.

A great way to supplement your income for web designers and businesses. formerly specialized in hosting resellers.

Three different types of plans are available for resellers, Plesk, Direct Admin, and cPanel.

Daily Backups

Brixly Review

Backups play an important role in securing your data. Although everyone is aware of the term backup, for those of you who don’t know about backups, It is a process of creating a copy of your data and uploading it to a cloud server.

So that in case you lose your data you can get it all back. Brixly provides automatic daily backups to secure you unconditionally.

They use R1Soft, a standard solution responsible for daily backups. You can do the full restoration of your website in case you lose your data.

Unmetered Speed

Would you wait for more than 5 seconds for a website to get loaded? Obviously no, right? you would move to the next suggestion.

Therefore, Brixly understands the issue and offers respectable speed to users' websites. They have mentioned speed such as

    Response time - 0.38s Time to a fully loaded website - 0.98s Under load - 0.95s

Even if the speed reaches 1 sec, it is still considered the fastest. Thus, with Brixly, you can get an awesome speed that will make your site load faster.

Advantages Of Brixly :-

Just as features are the selling points, advantages are the factors that can disrupt the selling points.

Good features with numerous benefits will only lead to higher sales but on the other side of the coin, good features with little to no benefits will force the user to change their mindset.

Therefore, advantages of service are as important as its features. Here are some of the advantages of using

Finest Support

Brixly Review

The most overlooked aspect is the customer support of a company. However, it is a very crucial aspect as, without good customer support, the image of a company will be impacted badly.

Customer support is even more important in the hosting service industry. Many times, migration stuck in the middle, or sometimes uptime was not as promised.

In those cases, customer support is the first thing that the user tries to connect with.

Therefore, the finest support system is crucial, and luckily, offers one of the best customer support.

Affordable Pricing

Brixly Review

Brixly offers one of the best pricing structures all the features of Brixly such as unlimited bandwidth, DDos Protection, daily backups, free SSL certificate, and many more are available with every plan for just 1 pound for the first month, and then its 3.95 pounds per month for the infinity plan and 8.95 pounds for the infinity plus plan.

Brixly's main offering, however, is reseller hosting the entry-level plan costs £1.99 per month for the first month, followed by £9.95 for the next three months, which include 20 cPanel accounts and 500 GB of SSD storage, with each subsequent plan removing any cPanel account limits.

In addition to 250 cPanel accounts, Unlimited costs £59.95 per month.

WordPress Friendly

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders. It has gained respect because of its user-friendly approach. More than 60% of websites running on the internet are made on WordPress.

Therefore, the hosting plans of Brixly are highly optimized for WordPress.

They guarantee fast speed and exceptional performance when integrated with WordPress.

One-click login and WordPress cloning are just some of the features you will get with Brixly’s hosting services.

Free Migration

Brixly Review

Migration is often complicated and hard to do on your own. Most hosting providers provide the service of migration and they often charge a good amount for that.

Brixly doesn’t charge any penny for that. The migration is absolutely free with every hosting plan.

However, not every migration is handled or managed by the team Brixly. Instead, they have a proprietary system named migration-center.

It allows you to migrate your site fully or even some websites with ease.

All you have to do is log in to your cPanel of the website you want to move, specify whether you want to move some website or all of your websites, and then you have your site migrated in just a few minutes.

Conclusion :-

The success of Brixly cannot be overstated. The platform hosts more than a quarter-million sites and is among the strongest in the UK.

While there are few independent Brixly reviews, people are quick to praise the service whenever they can.

As a provider of outstanding services at a reasonable price, Brixly allows you to trial all plans for a month at no charge, regardless of how intricate or feature-rich they are. Therefore, you can easily determine what you should subscribe to concerning pricing and strength.

With such features and advantages, it is clear that Brixly is undoubtedly one of the best and finest hosting service providers out there.

Along with the 1 pound trial for all plans, it is also the most convenient one. Thus, it possesses all the qualities that a business needs.