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BlueHost Review - Best Web Hosting In The World

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

BlueHost Review - Best Web Hosting In The World

Web hosting industry is very big and popular there are many popular companies out their which offers great web hosting services and one such companies is BlueHost.

In this article we will show you complete BlueHost Review with all it's features, advantages, disadvantages and everything related to BlueHost.

BlueHost is the best web hosting company in the entire world not only in terms of their web hosting but customer service also they offer all the things starting from selling domains to multiple types of hosting like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Reseller Hosting.

Name any type of hosting and they have one in their service they offer both the things great hosting service and mind blowing customer support.

BlueHost is started in 2003 with a mission of changing web hosting experience by giving exceptionally well services with world-class technology and by doing all these things it becomes the world's leading web hosting company and most trusted name in web hosting industry with over 2 million websites and 750+ of staff helping their users 24/7/365 which is a great thing.

BlueHost offer great features like 30 day money back guarantee to provide risk free environment and many freebies like free domain, free sitebuilder and over $150 in marketing offers so that you can advertise your newly created website in Google, Bing and other popular websites.

So let's start the review of BlueHost web hosting.
BlueHost Review

BlueHost Web Hosting Services/Features

In this section we will discuss all the services and features BlueHost offers to their users and tell you a detailed overview of all the services and features of BlueHost web hosting.

BlueHost Shared Hosting Overview

BlueHost Review
All shared hosting meant for low level web hosting but when it comes BlueHost shared hosting you can scale it for high traffic website also.

BlueHost shared hosting is the best web hosting for your newly created website as well as those website which high amount of traffic they offer amazing features with latest technology so that you and your website users will always get the best web hosting experience on your website.

At BlueHost you will get the latest and best features which helps you to create, launch and run your website easily without getting any problem and by chance if you got any problem they are with you 24/7 no-matter what the day is this is the beauty and advantage of using world's best web hosting BlueHost. You can also read our detailed BlueHost shared hosting review we created few days back.

Now let's discuss some of the great features and plans and pricing of shared web hosting of BlueHost.

Domain Manager - BlueHost domain manager helps you to track all your domains, update, transfer, purchase, and manage all your domains in one place along with your addons and sub domains on some BlueHost shared hosting plans.

Unlimited Emails - With this shared hosting your can create and manage unlimited emails for your website this feature is good for those who want a separate email for every work with separate email forwarding feature.

Automated Backups - BlueHost system are meant for data security by doing daily, weekly, and monthly backups of your entire account if anything wrong happens with your website you can restore your website and it's data from it's previous point.

Enhanced cPanel - We all know cPanel is a great and one of the best control panel for web hosting and BlueHost uses this cPanel and desgined it more and includes more features and enhanced the interface for you so that you can manage all the website without getting any problem.

Plans And Pricing - Currently BlueHost shared hosting offers 3 different plans with different features and pricing their Basic plan features 1 website, 50GB space, unmetered bandwidth and other things and cost you $2.95*/mo. Their Plus plan offers unlimited websites, unlimited space and unmetered bandwidth and it cost you $5.95*/mo and the last plans is Prime which is also cost you $5.95*/mo and having SiteBackup Pro and Domain Privacy features extra.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting Overview

BlueHost Review
BlueHost WordPress hosting is a managed WordPress hosting which helps you to easily host your WordPress website with all simplicity and make your website more fast and highly secure.

They built their system is such a way that you will get an ultimate experience by hosting your WordPress website in their hosting ecosystem.

BlueHost is few rare company which is recommended by itself from 2005 which means this is not the best but highly trusted web hosting provider for WordPress also so you don't have to worry about anything because WordPress hosting is not a regular type of web hosting you have to maintain many things but when it comes to BlueHost all the things managed by them. You can also read our detailed BlueHost WordPress hosting review we created few days back.

Now let's discuss some of the great features and plans and pricing of Managed WordPress hosting of BlueHost.

Extremely Fast - BlueHost uses VPS technology along with Advanced NGINX architecture and Custom PHP-FPM configuration in their WordPress hosting systems which is responsible to deliver extremely fast speed to your website and servers.

Highly Secure - By using BlueHost Managed WordPress hosting your website will be free from almost any security issues not only just their Managed WordPress hosting but all the hosting service offered by BlueHost are highly secure but they pay a little extra attention to their WordPress hosting by using SiteLock Security, Advanced CDN and SiteLock WAF like features in their system.

Enhanced cPanel - Just like in their shared web hosting you will get their exclusive and enhanced cPanel in their Managed WordPress hosting also and it works sames as like in shared hosting you will get everything right in front of your control panel.

Dynamic Upgrades - This features is very important for any kind of website with this features you can easily upgrade your website plan by adding more CPU, RAM and other things whenever you want and with just 1 click and your website will work as good as before.

Plans And Pricing - Currently BlueHost offers 4 plans with different features and pricing the plans are as follows WP Standard where you get 100 million visits/mo, 30 Gb storage and backup, 2Gb RAM and other things in just $19.99*/mo. WP Enhanced where you will get 300 million visit, 60GB storage and backup and 4GB of RAM in $29.99*/mo. WP Premium you get 600 million visit, 120GB storage and backup and 6GB RAM and all this priced at $39.99*/mo. WP Ultimate where get unlimited visits/mo, 240GB storage and backup and 8GB of RAM and it prices at $49.99*/mo.

BlueHost Cloud Hosting Overview

BlueHost Review
BlueHost Cloud Hosting is very efficient more than any other shared hosting and better then BlueHost shared hosting because we all know any type of cloud hosting is better then shared hosting because in cloud hosting your website will use resources of multiple servers which gives more speed and uptime.

BlueHost Cloud Hosting is very powerful, highly affordable then it's competitors and easier to implement and use which make BlueHost the best option for cloud web hosting.

They reinvented the whole ecosystem of cloud web hosting and make it more reliable, faster,safer and cheaper then ever by using some modern cloud hosting technology and in this hosting you will get more than everything a website needs.

Now let's discuss some of the great features and plans and pricing of Cloud Web Hosting of BlueHost.

Data Mirroring - This feature helps you to restore your website and protect your website from any website failure by automatically mirroring or copying your website across three different devices so that in case your lost any of your data you can recover it back from their system.

Integrated Caching - BlueHost uses modern caching technique by using an advanced, customized NGINX/Varnish Caching configuration which helps to speed up your website content and decrease website load time which also helps your website to get good ranking on Google.

Intuitive Dashboard - They created a unique dashboard to handle all your work of your website hosted in their Cloud environment with this dashboard you can track your website traffic, loading speed and many other things easily.

Instant Scaling - Now you can instantly scale up your Cloud hosting resources for your website like CPU and RAM at any time without restarting the whole system thanks to their OpenStack-powered backend distribution technology in order to make your website always live.

Plans And Pricing - Currently BlueHost Cloud Hosting offers 3 different plans with different pricing and features all the plans are as follows - Starter plan offers 1 website with 100GB storage and 2GB of RAM in $6.95*/mo, Performance plan offers unlimited website, unmetered storage and 4GB of RAM in $8.95*/mo and their Business Pro plan offers unlimited websites, unmetered bandwidth with 6GB RAM in $15.95*/mo.

BlueHost WooCommerce Hosting Overview

BlueHost Review
Planning to start your own online shopping website using WordPress and WooCommerce then again BlueHost offers great hosting solution to host your ecommerce website in highly reliable and secure way.

WooCommerce is one of the best way to create your own online shopping website on WordPress and by using BlueHost WooCommerce hosting service to host your website you can setup your online store and selling products online very easily by using their tool to install WooCommerce within minutes and BlueHost offers SSL Certificates and dedicated IP to make your online shopping website more secure and legit.

As we said above BlueHost is among few web hosting companies which is recommended by so this will definitely ensure the trust and experience quality you will get after using BlueHost for WordPress and also for other type of hosting.

Now let's discuss plans and pricing of WooCommerce Hosting of BlueHost.

Plans And Pricing - Currently WooCommerce Hosting By BlueHost offers 3 different plans and pricing Starter which cost you $6.95*/mo and offers many things like 100GB space, 1 parked domain and 5 sub domains. Plus plan which offers unmetered space, unlimited parked and sub domains. Pro plan includes Comodo SSL and $300 worth of marketing offers more than the previous plans.

BlueHost VPS Plans Overview

BlueHost Review
VPS or Virtual Private Server are high level hosting which is only required or used by website which gets traffic in millions or website which needs heavy data usage and in this hosting a private server is assigned to your website to deliver more power, speed and performance to your website.

BlueHost VPS hosting is again the best in market they uses SSD storage technology in all their servers for VPS hosting which will help your website to load data much quickly and efficiently.

There are many numerous reason to use BlueHost VPS hosting and one such reason is that they handle all their servers in-house in order to maintain security, performance and offers a reliable experience to you and your website and with this VPS hosting you can use some extra addons Domains Privacy, SSL certificates etc.

Now let's discuss some of the features and plans and pricing of VPS Hosting of BlueHost.

High Performance - BlueHost uses high level open source technology like OpenStack and KVM which make it's VPS hosting very powerful make it able to deliver high performance and also easy to use at the same time.

Dynamic Resources - With BlueHost VPS hosting you can easily add more resources like RAM, storage and other things easily and instantly so that your website does not see any downtime and other types of performance failure.

Enhanced Control Panel - Just like BlueHost shared and other hosting type you will get customized cPanel in VPS hosting also which works like a charm and you don't have to spend time for finding things to manage your website all the things are displayed on the control panel and sorted by sections.

Access Control - Now you can control your website account by managing your account ownership, users this feature is very useful when you are working with a team to handle your website.

Plans And Pricing - VPS Hosting by BlueHost offers 3 plans with different features and pricing as follows Standard plan offers 2 cores, 30GB SSD storage and 2GB RAM and cost you $19.99*/mo. Enhanced plan offers 60GB SSD storage and 4GB RAM in $29.99*/mo. Ultimate plan cost you $59.99*/mo and offers 4 cores, 120GB SSD storage and 8GB RAM.

BlueHost Dedicated Hosting Overview

BlueHost Review
Dedicated Hosting is the highest kind of web hosting their is no other web hosting higher then Dedicated hosting and with this type of hosting your website gets the highest performance, security and control because the whole server is dedicated to your website to complete it's need.

Generally Dedicated Hosting only required by high traffic website or the website who wants more security you will get all the things and have full control of each and every thing like Root Access and all.

Again BlueHost proves that he is the king of Dedicated Hosting also by providing world class features like Raid Storage, Root Access etc at a very affordable price and most importantly giving full control over the system and it's configuration so that you can configure your website according to your need.

Now let's discuss some of the BlueHost Dedicated Hosting features and plans and pricing.

Ultimate Speed - Each of BlueHost servers is highly equipped with the latest technology and modern systems like OpenStack which gives you ultimate speed to your website and also offer the functionality to upgrade anything anytime.

RAID Storage - They use very high quality storage system that is RAID level 1 storage which helps to speed up everything and mirror your data on other places and this is a very rare features you will not likely find any of the dedicated hosting that is why we call BlueHost a king of web hosting.

Storage Upgrades - BlueHost provides an easier way to add more storage on your plan on the fly without experiencing any downtime just by using your cPanel control panel.

Root Access - Now with BlueHost Dedicated Hosting you will get Root Access so that you can tweak anything according to your need this features is more used by advanced users who want more control on their server and for those who wants their website created for special purpose.

Plans And Pricing - BlueHost Dedicated Hosting offers 3 plans Standard, Enhanced and Premium. Their Standard plan offers 500GB of storage, 5TB bandwidth and 3 IP address in $79.99*/mo. Enhanced plan offers 1TB of storage, 8GB RAM and 4 IP address in $99.99*/mo. Their highest Premium plan offers cost you $119.99*/mo in this you will get 1TB storage, 16GB RAM and 5 IP address.

Advantage Of BlueHost Hosting:-

Uptime - BlueHost uptime is one of the best they offer highest uptime as compared to others no matter what kind of webs hosting you choose you will get 99.9% of uptime guaranteed so that your website will not face any downtime.

Speed - BlueHost uses modern technology in their system like SSD storage and other caching technology etc which make your website super fast and decreases your website load time and increase your website ranking on Google because load time is now a serious ranking factor in Google and this way using BlueHost hosting also helps your website to rank well.

Technology - Modern technology like RAID storage, OpenStack, KVM and many other latest technology helps you to run your website in the best possible environment and delivers highest possible performance.

Security - BlueHost takes security very seriously that is why they uses highly secure system and SSL certificates and other security features which makes your website highly secured.

Marketing Offers - BlueHost also provide marketing/advertising offers for your website so that you can promote your website on popular places like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Money Back Guarantee - BlueHost offers 30-day money back guarantee feature which is very useful for everyone especially for those who just want to test BlueHost and if you do not want to continue with them you can ask for a refund within 30 days.

Pricing - BlueHost pricing is very affordable you cannot find all these features with modern technology and in that much low price you can choose any of the BlueHost web hosting you will kind highly affordable pricing as compared to their competitors with great features.

Support - BlueHost promises to deliver the best possible customer support to their users they are literally with your 24/7/365 days to solve any kind of problem no-matter how small or big your problem is they will solve it in least possible time via phone, ticket, email and live chat.

Disadvantage Of BlueHost Hosting:-

We personally did not see and find any disadvantage of BlueHost hosting we use almost all kinds web hosting except Reseller Hosting and we find all the things we said in this article are correct.

Final Words About BlueHost:-

Yes we definitely and undoubtedly recommend BlueHost it is the best web hosting service we ever experienced no-matter what kind of web hosting we used we get the best possible experience in highly affordable price.