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ABP Framework - Excellent Open-Source Web Application Framework

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

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ABP Framework - Excellent Open-Source Web Application Framework

There are times when, as developers, we wish to create certain tools and applications. We may face a lot of hurdles in the process.

However, to ease out everything for you, we have the ABP framework, which is not a web application development "tool" but a "framework" that lets developers create their applications.

By utilizing this framework, you can easily create and curate your applications with efficiency.

Let’s learn about the ABP framework and related concepts.

The ABP Framework is a complete infrastructure for creating cutting-edge web applications while following industry standards and best practices.

ABP Architecture :-

ABP Framework Review

Every application framework needs a sound architecture because it governs the framework's development and operation.

Modern architecture is necessary for maintainable software solutions.

ABP is a modular framework and you can create your next microservice solution with ABP.

ABP has a fundamental structure. The microservice architecture was taken into consideration when creating its ready-to-use modules.


The entire computational and operational infrastructure of ABP as well as the elements that control the creation, deployment, and administration of enterprise applications are all part of its application infrastructure.

The infrastructure of an application supports all of its features, services, and functionality.

In order to support the special capabilities, requirements, and features of a particular application, developers build the application infrastructure.

An outside public cloud service provider may construct on-premises application infrastructure or provide it as cloud-based infrastructure.

A full-stack application infrastructure is what ABP has in place because of this.

Let's find out more about ABP's infrastructure right now.

Identity Verification and Authorization

ASP.NET Core Identity and OpenIddict both come with robust authentication and authorization capabilities. It permits an extensive and thorough permission system.

Multifaceted Concerns

By consistently using the same strategies, you can avoid repetition. Give your business code your full attention while ABP automates it using conventions.

Event Bus

With the integrated Distributed Event Bus and RabbitMQ integration, it is simple to publish and consume distributed events.

Theme design for user interfaces

Create reusable user interface themes and layouts from scratch or make use of one of the ready-made themes.

Data filters

Automatically filter database queries to make patterns like soft deletion and multi-tenancy implementation simpler.

Audit Logging

Automated tracking of all system changes and data updates.

Helpers for Bootstrap tags and dynamic forms

Use ABP's tag helpers to streamline the repetitive details of bootstrap components so you can take advantage of IntelliSense rather than manually writing them. By using the dynamic form tag helper, you can quickly create UI forms that are based on a C# model.

HTTP APIs & Dynamic Proxies

Automatically expose application services as REST-style HTTP APIs, which can be consumed using dynamic JavaScript and C# proxies.

The Startup Templates

ABP Framework Review

ABP Documentation :-

The ABP Framework offers an opinionated architecture for building enterprise software solutions based on best practices on top of the.NET and ASP.NET Core platforms.

It offers the fundamental framework, production-ready startup templates, modules, themes, tooling, manuals, and guides required to correctly implement that architecture and automate as many specific and tedious tasks as is practical.

How to Begin with ABP Documentation?

The Quick Start is a one-part tutorial for building a simple application with the ABP Framework. If you want to learn how ABP works quickly, start with this tutorial.

You can build and execute ABP-based solutions with a variety of options and specifics by using the Getting Started guide.

A thorough tutorial for building a full-stack web application that incorporates all elements of a practical solution is available in the Web Application Development Tutorial.

Options for UI Framework

ABP Framework Review

The following UI frameworks are supported out of the box by the ABP Framework, though it can be used with any UI framework:

ABP offers comprehensive documentation that introduces and covers common software development principles and best practices, as well as guides and samples to help you develop a maintainable solution. This documentation does not only describe the ABP Framework.

ABP offers a comprehensive, modular, and layered software architecture based on the ideas and patterns of domain-driven design. The infrastructure needed to implement this architecture is also provided.

  • Consult the modularity document to learn more about the module system.
  • The best resource for anyone interested in learning about and implementing DDD with the ABP Framework is the book Implementing Domain-Driven Design.
  • How ABP can help with the creation of a microservice solution is described in the Microservice Architecture document.
  • The Multi-Tenancy document defines multi-tenancy and delves into the ABP multi-tenancy infrastructure.

The event Bus, Background Job System, Audit Logging, BLOB Storing, Data Seeding, and Data Filtering are just a few features of the ABP Framework that make it simpler to implement real-world scenarios.

Application Modules

Applications' pre-configured functionalities are called application modules.

Account: This application offers a graphical user interface for keeping track of accounts and enabling users to login and register for the application.

The Identity: Library controls the permissions granted to users, roles, and organizational entities.

OpenIddict: OpenIddict integration.

Tenant Management: Tenant management is the process of overseeing tenants for a multi-tenant (SaaS) application. You can check more features here.

About ABP Commercial :-

ABP Framework Review

Pre-built application modules, sophisticated startup templates, rapid app development tools, expert UI themes, and premium support are all accessible through ABP Commercial.

Thanks to ABP Commercial, SC Ventures is able to provide a bank-grade multi-tenant silo-database SaaS platform to support the supply chain financing of invoices with significant value from numerous integrated anchors in just nine months.

The modularity of ABP enabled the team to deliver in record time, pass all VAPT, and deploy the containerized microservices stack into production using full CI/CD and pipelines.

ABP Commercial is a top-notch item. commercial products for our customers to market on a single configurable platform.

The kickstart that the framework and tools provide any team is priceless. ABP Commercial is the best option for you.

ABP Plans & Pricing :-

ABP Framework is an open-source framework; hence, it is free to use. The pricing that can be found on the ABP Commercial Pricing Page is for ABP Commercial, which is a commercial product that is built on the open-source ABP Framework.

It offers premium features and acts as a time saver, among all other technical details.

Conclusion :-

So, to sum up, the ABP Framework is a complete infrastructure for creating robust and modern web applications while abiding by conventions and best practices in software development. ABP is suitable for microservices.

ABP is built on a foundation. The microservice architecture was taken into consideration when creating its pre-built modules. Additionally, ABP CLI (Command Line Interface) is a command-line tool that automates a number of routine ABP-based solution operations. By utilizing the ABP startup templates, new solutions can be developed.

The book "Mastering ABP Framework" by the person who invented ABP explains everything about ABP. It will assist you in mastering the elements of ABP and learning more about it.

A comprehensive guide to ABP is provided here. ABP is also available for free download,so you can get a feel for it. The practice manual for the same is also available. The ideal answer to your problems is ABP.

You won't be disappointed if you give it a try. You will feel as if it was made for you!