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Top Hidden But Useful Features Of iOS 16

Last Updated : Apr 9, 2023

Top Hidden But Useful Features Of iOS 16

We know exactly what your routine is once the updated iOS drops. You make changes to the lock screen, set up a focus, or maybe change the battery indicators as well.

When Apple dropped iOS 16, there were high hopes for big changes. Well, not much was changed in iOS 16 as compared to the previous versions. There were some enhancements and additions.

What you may not know is that there are several hidden features that you can go look for. Using these features can enhance your iPhone experience while unlocking some exciting things.

The focus of iOS 16 was mainly on looks and display. But there is so much more to it. Here’s another way to improve your iPhone experience.

Using Kinetic Internet adds so much to the features of this new software. The fast internet matches the speed of iOS 16 and lets you have all the fun with no worries.

However, here are some hidden features of iOS 16 that we have assembled for you and you need to go check them out now.

1. Locked Folder for Photos

iOS 16 has brought in this amazing photo management enhancement. This enhancement will add a security layer to your photos.

In the hidden photos folder, you can add all those photos that you want to hide from prying eyes. This feature is also available for recently deleted photos.

Next to both these folders will be a lock icon, telling that additional action is required to open them. You’ll have to set the Face ID or Touch ID as the unlocking key to these folders.

2. Mark Messages as “Unread”

This feature in iPhone was long coming. There are multiple times when we tend to forget to reply to messages that we have opened and read.

Sometimes we are thinking of what to reply but don’t come up with an answer just yet.

Marking this message unread on the spot will help in knowing which messages still need a reply.

This feature will work on both, the standard SMS and iMessage messages. Well, now you can’t say that you forgot about a message because this feature is now available in iOS 16.

3. Duplicate Photos Detection

Another Photos app feature introduced in iOS 16 is the detection of duplicate photos. Duplicate photos usually come on the phone after attending an event.

People send the same pictures in multiple groups and then individually to you too.

This takes up a lot of memory. Good for you now, iOS 16 will detect duplicate photos. This way you can delete all and keep just one.

These photos will appear in a separate album named Duplicates. You can easily see these photos and delete them without hustle.

4. Share the Saved Wi-Fi Password

It’s been some time since iPhone has allowed its users to share Wi-Fi passwords with others. But until now this feature was only available to other Apple devices.

This was only possible if two Apple devices were brought near each other. If this doesn’t work, then you have to remember the password or else nothing will work.

Now, the password of the saved Wi-Fi is available to see. All you have to do is tap on the information icon next to the password.

Once you unlock it with Face ID or passcode, you can copy it to the clipboard. There you go, now send it to anyone you want.

5. Copy/Paste Photo and Video Edits

The photo editing app of the iPhone is great. It’s easy to use and gives great results. Now, this new feature is going to make its use so much easier.

Sometimes, we edit a photo and the results are exactly the way we want. But the next time we come to edit another photo; we forget all the edits we made.

This won’t happen anymore. Open the photo that was edited in the Photos app, not any third-party app.

Tap on the three-dot option and choose Copy Edits. Now go to the picture that you want to apply the edits on. Again, tap on the three-dot menu and choose Paste Edits. The same edits will be applied to the photo.

6. Lock Notes with your Passcode

The iPhone Notes App is one of the most used apps on the iPhone. But it isn’t just a grocery list or other little reminders.

It can also be used for some important passwords. Other than this, people use it for jotting down thoughts and feelings as well. The notes app is very personal.

iOS 16 now allows you to lock certain notes that you want to hide from others. Just launch the note that you wish to lock, tap on the three-dot menu and choose the Lock option.

You can choose a new password or just simply use your Passcode.

7. Disable the Lock Button to Hang Up Calls

Many a time while being on a call, you accidentally press the lock button and it ends the call.

This was annoying iPhone users for a long. Now Apple has finally listened to their complaints. You can now disable the lock to end the calls.

Go to Settings and open the Accessibility option. Under the Physical and Motor menu, select the Touch option. Scroll down and tap on Prevent Lock to End Call option and enable it.

Conclusion :-

iOS 16 has brought some exciting updates to the user experience of the iPhone. The new features are interesting and make things easier for iPhone users. Go check if your phone has received the update and make all the necessary changes.