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How Online Games Help In Reducing Stress

Last Updated : Apr 9, 2023

How Online Games Help In Reducing Stress

When we talk about online games, we automatically assume the misconceptions and bad impacts of online games. But, the truth is something else.

From developing complex problem-solving skills to better memory and rapid action skills, there are a plethora of advantages attached to playing online games.

Those who do not play video games may argue that they make you lethargic, hurt your brain, or disrupt your social life, however, video games have several physical, cognitive, and social benefits.

While excessive screen time and gaming may have not so good effects on the brain, it does not diminish the fact that it can be beneficial to people.

In fact, If played promptly, the problems of excessive screen time would not be an issue. Therefore, when used responsibly, it may be a useful kind of mental exercise and relaxation.

There are a lot of stress buster things out there, one may find sleeping is the best option or listening to music could be the one but there are a majority of people who love to play online games to relax and improve their skills.

Let’s look at the major health benefits of online games:-

Mental Health Benefits Of Online Games

Online games come with a lot of benefits that are not only necessary but also helpful in today’s pressure pack lifestyles. Here are some of the mental health benefits of Online games:-

1. Mind And Brain Enhancement

When you play games, especially online games, almost every region of your brain is working to assist you in thinking at a higher level. Stress can be easily eliminated with the help of online games.

People suffering from anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and post-traumatic stress disorder can benefit from video games (PTSD). Games such as Tetra Blocks and Hold Position can easily help you deal with anxiety.

Apart from that, there is no better way to battle depression than reliving childhood with games like Neon Invader or new and exciting versions of pinball such as a mousetrap pinball.

These legendary simple games are hard to find these days but can be easily available on sites such as etc.

2. Relaxation

When we look at the list of popular games of this era, we can see they all are fast-paced and disturbing games.

Still, a vast majority of students are playing them for hours every day. This is simply because they are unaware of the list of relaxing games available online.

Many individuals believe that gaming is a good way to pass the time. It's also an excellent way to relax after a hard and stressful day at work.

Players are forced to concentrate on the game's mechanics and aim, which serves to distract them from negative thoughts and feelings.

FreeCell Solitaire and Virtual Xylophone are very good examples of relaxing games.

3. Ability To Solve Problems Quickly

Players are also challenged to tackle complex challenges in strategic and role-playing video games.

This virtual problem-solving is excellent preparation for real-life challenges. No matter what type of game genre you are playing, there is always a hurdle that you need to solve or perform.

You'll need to utilize memorization, analysis, and a little imagination to solve these problems. In video games, obstacles are typically kept open-ended with no instructions, pushing players to experiment through trial and error.

This improves your problem-solving ability which helps you in real life. There are a plethora of games that require your problem-solving skills.

Some of them are 2 minutes to escape, Super Mario and Robo Escape.

4. Feeling Accomplished

In almost every game, you have some sort of goal to achieve. After reaching a goal, it is human nature to feel a sense of happiness and success, which helps in improving mood.

When you play games that provide you with trophies or badges for completing particular objectives, you'll feel even more accomplished.

There are a lot of games out there available online, which are goal and level-based. You can try them out to feel accomplished.

5. Social Skills

The social benefits of online games have been hotly contested because some people in a society spread the limitation of online gaming such as poor social skills or isolation.

But, what they don’t understand is that online games can improve social skills as well as help in reducing stress.

Gamers often have the opportunity to assume fictitious personas and are allowed to experiment with social interactions with NPC or game players.

Because there are no real-life consequences, those who are apprehensive in social situations may find it simpler to practice social interactions in video games.

They can then interact with others more confidently in the actual world.

Some Of The Popular Online Games

Ok, now we know the benefits of playing online games, let’s now look at some of the popular online games which you can try right now.

1. 2 - Minutes To Escape

How Online Games Help In Reducing Stress

Two minutes to escape is by far the most popular and lovable game out there. It includes all the benefits we have listed above.

The retro game is a perfect fit for Mario lovers as well as those who want to have fast-paced yet hyper-casual gameplay.

2 - Minutes to escape is a time scrolling platform game, where you have different levels and you have to complete them all. 2 - minutes to escape is the chart-topper because it allows gamers to think quickly as there are multiple obstacles to fight with.

You can find 2 - minutes to escape here or you can find more games on

2. Space Shooter Games

How Online Games Help In Reducing Stress

There is no other way to bring fresh childhood memories than playing classic space shooter games.

Nowadays, they are hard to find but luckily there are some websites which not only have included the space shooter games to their bucket but have also modified them, resulting in new and cooler gameplay.

Games like Neon invaders and space alien Shooters perfectly represent the new cooler gameplay along with the classic nostalgia.

Neon Invader can be found on and Space alien shooter can be found on

3. PinBall

How Online Games Help In Reducing Stress

The game we never ask for but luckily we all got. Pinball was one of the legendary games back when the first person or shooter games were not popular, even though it comes with the windows version.

Nobody has ever thought that a game with just two controls would be this blockbuster. Over the years, pinball has evolved and more exciting themes have been added to the classic pinball.

Pinball can be found on almost every online gaming website out there. However, the themed Pinball games are hard to find.

The largest collection of themed pinball games can be found on but the best collection can be found on etc.

4. Solitaire

How Online Games Help In Reducing Stress

The most relaxing game award undoubtedly belongs to Solitaire. A slow-paced card game that requires all the functions of your brain to be active at the same time.

Solitaire should be called the game of the century because of the benefits it comes with and without much limitations.

There are a bunch of solitaire games out there but our favorite is none other than classic solitaire.

A game that does not require much time, improves the functioning of your brain and ultimately makes you smart.

Solitaire is the only game that can be found on almost every website. There is hardly an online gaming site that does have solitaire.

How To Control Excessive Gaming

Being addicted to not only online games but anything in this world is bad. Online games are a great way to boost your skills and relax your mind but excessive gaming would do the opposite.

Therefore, in that case, one should not allow himself to play any game for more than 10 hours a day.

A very good way to escape excessive gaming is to set limits or prepare a timetable to play games. For example 4-5 pm for games.

This will help you avoid excessive gaming addiction, allow you to improve your skills and relax. So many benefits with no limitations.

Bottom Line

Online games aren't entirely bad. If we play them responsibly and in moderation, It has the potential to sharpen minds, relieve stress, improve moods, and bring people together.

Playing games is not a bad thing but getting addicted to it or playing for more than the required time can be.

There are always two sides, one is bad and one is good. Fortunately, the good thing will remain as it is but the bad thing can be converted into a good thing with proper knowledge, moderation and responsibility.

More than 10 hours of gameplay is considered bad Therefore, one should play in limits and obviously for less than 10 hours a day.

As long as online games are played responsibly, there is no harm, only benefits.